I bought a snub. It is y'alls fault.

This is a discussion on I bought a snub. It is y'alls fault. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have read so many thread about the Snubbies and how so many shooters swear by them. I could not understand it but I decided ...

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Thread: I bought a snub. It is y'alls fault.

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    I bought a snub. It is y'alls fault.

    I have read so many thread about the Snubbies and how so many shooters swear by them. I could not understand it but I decided I wanted to learn to use one so today I picked up a Taurus 85 with a hammer in the titanium finish. I fired two hundred rounds this afternoon and the recoil is not as bad as I was afraid. I know its not a top of the line snub but if I like it and I can get the reload drills down I will consider upgrading to a Smith or maybe an SP101. I would like to thank you all for being bad influences and forcing me to buy this gun
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    You can thank us now, but you'll be much more grateful later.
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    Your welcome! Wait till you get that SP101 and thoughts of reloading pop in your mind! Then you can thank us some more!
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    I have my girlfriend a little interested in getting a Smith and Wesson featherweight .38 special (442). To top it off, she wants a cute pink grip - although she also likes cammo (I don't know if they make them in cammo, though). If I said I didn't have some minor ulterior motives of wanting to shoot it... I would be lying.

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    Everyone who is serious about carrying should have a snub nosed, it is a great addition to any collection.
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    Don't blame me... it was SIXTO that started The Superduper Snubby Thread! He's the one you need to be talking to.

    But let's be real... Everyone needs at least one snubby! They are the classic hide-out gun and have saved and/or comforted scores of good guys in many dark and scary places for over nearly a hundred years.
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    Nice but...

    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    Nothing like a snubby! Enjoy!
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    Don't sell the Taurus short. I have a 605 and my wife has the Titanium 85, and they are both excellent. I have 4 snubby S&Ws, and the Taurus shoots as well or better than some. I won't trade my S&Ws, but the Taurus is not going anywhere either!
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    I'm with the OP. For all my years shooting I have never really considered a revolver. But after being a member here and reading about snubbies I have recently gotten the itch to add my first wheel gun to my collection.

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    Glad so many new revolver owners are showing up...
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    We're just trying to do our best.

    Good luck to you with your new acquisition!
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    Please post a photo of your newly acquired bad boy when you get a chance. We never get tired of seeing those little fire blasters.
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    grats. I have a .357 revolver that i love but its huge (6 inch barrel). Ive been eyeing a taurus 605 but working on getting my permit first ^_^.

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    another congrats on joining the wheelgun club. There is a reason they have served so many for so long, as you will soon discover. Simplicity in function equals security in reality. Forget Tap, Rap, bang. Just pull the trigger!

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