Which of these would you advise?

Which of these would you advise?

This is a discussion on Which of these would you advise? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been browsing many local gun shops, handling many different guns and even having the chance to shoot a few. I've basically settled on a ...

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Thread: Which of these would you advise?

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    Which of these would you advise?

    I've been browsing many local gun shops, handling many different guns and even having the chance to shoot a few. I've basically settled on a few possible candidates:

    Glock 23
    Glock 22
    HK P30
    HK P2000
    SIG P229

    All in .40 S&W.

    I already have a 9mm P228 which I like, but I've been thinking of getting another gun in a higher caliber, just so that I can have a bit of variety. I'm willing to buy used, and am currently saving up the money.

    Any thoughts on these? I'd also like to note that I intend to CCW it as well, but still wish for it to be big enough to be comfortable to shoot. I'm about 6'2" and am fairly slim, and tend not to wear tight clothing so larger guns tend to be OK for me (I can wear the P228 comfortably IWB).

    So, any comments are appreciated! Just need something to push me one way or another - this is a very difficult choice for me because they're all great IMO.

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    I am not familar with the sig model you have or the one listed, but if they are nearly identical I would go for that as they should have the same manual of arms which means less you have to do to become proficient with your firearm.

    All three are top brands in my book and only you can decide what is good for you. If you are able to, go to a range and rent them and see what you like best. As I said in another thread, do not make the mistake of buying one you have not tried only to find you hate, you will lose money and end up getting a replacement. I went through four or five firearms before going back to the one I know and love.
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    I've never shot a HK, have shot my son's SIGs (nice, no complaints except the price), and am partial to the Glock family (carry a G30). If I was making the choice for a carry gun, of the picks you've made I'd opt for the G23.

    Slightly smaller than the G22, you can use a G22 mag for extra rounds (nice for HD duty or carry backup), pick up a G17/19 mag and conversion barrel for more inexpensive practice, or a .357 SIG conversion barrel for another caliber option. A little something to consider with your choices.
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    If you can conceal a large handgun well and comfortably, then I say get the Heckler & Koch P30 .40 S&W. It is a very reliable, tough, ergonomic and highly accurate handgun!

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    I own 2 of the guns you mentioned in .40 caliber, the Sig P229 and the Glock 23. I also have an H&K USP compact in .40, but you didn't mention that one. I find the Sig P229 to be my favorite for shooting at the range or home defense, but it is somewhat thick and heavy for easy concealed carry. The Glock 23 is slightly less accurate for me than the Sig, but is more compact and much lighter weight, so I prefer to carry it over the Sig.

    I think if I were buying another .40 caliber carry gun that I would be interested in the H&K P2000sk, the compact version of the P2000. I have handled these and find them to be just the right size for carry. They are lightweight because of the polymer frame, and I trust H&K completely based on my ownership of two USP models.

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    I would go 45acp over the 40 cal., you already have a 9mm and the 40 is not that much difference.
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    Of those you list, I own a G23 and recommend it. It is easy to carry and conceal and about as dependable as a gun can get. Parts are readily available and, if you want, you could get a 9mm drop-in barrel (and use 9mm mags) and save a little shooting some 9 ammo on your range trips.
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    I'm a big fan of the Glock 36.
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    Nothing beats a Glock. The 22 and the 23 will serve you well, I have carried the 23 and used it in compatition shooting and fired the crap out of it droped it repeatedly and just abused it it never once failed. That not to say they can't but I see Glocks fail far less than any other brand. That said, notice I said Carried and not carry. Thats couse I am using my new S&W M&P40. I might also suggest you take a good look at one of them also. It shoots well, the backstraps work like a charm for a custom fit and has been going like a Glock. Will it prove to be up to the Glock? Only time can tell, but it is looking good so far. I am up to about 1500 rounds in the month I have had it. Been shooting in down pour rain and dirty outdoor ranges. I live in North Idaho and even with hollow points it has not failed to feed. I think we might have a contender. But like I said Time will tell. Glock has proven itself time and time again and I would say they are the most reliable gun today. Yeah that's saying alot.

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    Everyone should own at least one Glock
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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi.45 View Post
    Everyone should own at least one Glock
    Well then, I have mine, plus one for someone who doesn't want theirs.
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    Seems like you've decided on a cartridge first ( a good approach), and are next deciding on a platform. I didn't see this in your posts, but I would suggest opening up your list to Springfield XD and Smith & Wesson M+P, if you haven't already ruled them out.
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    If you are good on the 228 then the 229 would be a good choice, not much of a learning curve.
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    I carry the g22 and do not notice it. My decision point was price - if that was not a factor, I would have gone with the Sig.
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    I would also echo the sentiment of going to .45, unless you harbor thoughts of a conversion to .357 sig(from the .40) to utilize the same mags and platform.

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