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Recommendations Any One?

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Thread: Recommendations Any One?

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    from Central Florida!

    From a Glock lover...

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    Glock 26. It's a classic and every pistolero should own one and it's a good place to start. It will never let you down.
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    I wanted a .45 auto as my first pistol, so I picked up a Glock 30. It's nice to have a few more rounds than a 1911 (10 vs 8) and I use the 13-rd G21 mag for HD duty for a few extra rounds again. Plus the Glock shoots and shoots and shoots...

    First carry gun is always a tough choice. What fits the hand well may not shoot the best; what shoots best may not fit the hand best, and so forth. If you have the availability to rent different models, that's a big advantage (I didn't). Eack make and model has advantages and disadvantages. You'll need to decide for yourself what works best for you.

    Good luck and welcome!
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    You definitely should try a selection from all three makers before buying. When I go looking to add to the lineup, I usually have a shortlist of possibilities and sometimes I can rule one out just by handling it in the store - no need to even shoot it.

    After all, if the weight and balance, feel of the slide, and ergonomics of the grip don't work for you while standing at the counter, they won't get better while you're at the range. The right one should feel like it was made for you. If it passes that test, try it out.

    Another point is that all handguns make compromises. You have more than one screwdriver, so plan on owning more than one firearm.
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    Opinions abound. Try them all, buy the one that you like best, and train with it a lot. For me I like the XD grip angle and feel, but that is just preference and I can appreciate the others as well. Put in a good range day by renting all three and putting 100 rounds down the pipe of each to get a real feel for them. Then GO HOME. Sleep on it. Think. Then go buy the one you liked best.
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    As the others have said, all of your manufacturer options are quality. Auto or revolver; full size, compact, or sub; capacity; method of carry; etc? You'll need to narrow down your needs/likes by shooting as many of you possible choices as possible (this is the fun part!).
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    Welcome! of the three manufacturers you gave I like the trigger on the SR9/40 the best. Overall I like the Glock the best and the XDM second. even with the great trigger the ruger would come in third for me when looking on the over all packages. But none of this means anything to you because we are all different and are gonna like different things. I suggest try and settle on what caliber you want to go with and then borrow or rent the guns on your list so you can get a first hand feel of them.
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    It is really what fits your hand the best but since you asked for advice I will say a Glock 19 because I find it to be a very versatile weapon, perfect for a first pistol. Any of your possible choices are good ones.
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    There are a total of 5 people either friends or family who own M&P's.... including me. I would not rule them out. They are just as reliable as Glocks, more versatile and easy to modify to the shooters hand. Check out some of my videos.... I hope they give further info.
    YouTube - Glock vs M&P
    YouTube - M&P Review 1
    YouTube - M&P Review 2
    YouTube - M&P vs XD
    YouTube - M&P Torture testing
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    Try before you buy. Have a knowledgeable friend with you. I really like the Glock 19. It was the first Glock I ever owned bought in 1994 and still with me.
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    Welcome to the forum from the other side of the state, the hills of east Tennessee.

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