I picked up a PM9 Diamond Black Slide last night from the LGS. I have fondled them in the past, and always thought they were nice. I didn't really "need" a new compact carry 9mm, but I wanted one. Over the past few weeks, I have handled the LC9 and did not personally like the feel of it And after you want something long enough, you pretty much just have to get it to put yourself out of misery.

I put 50 rounds of ball ammo through it and another 25 of gold dots without issue right after purchase on the stores range. It shot well once I got used to the trigger pull, but I shoot my Walther PPS a little bit better. Overall, I was quite pleased and was able to put together some good groups after a few mags. I didn't have any issues at all and plan to run another 200 rounds or so before calling it carry ready. In the end, the most "exciting" moment at the range was the nudnick the the lane next to me that knocked over a 12 gauge (thankfully unloaded) in my direction and was as surprised as i was. I have been planning on joining a local private range, and the new member meeting is next week... so hopefully less "excitement" will ensue on future range trips.

I did have to use Kahr customer service already though. Once I got home and started to strip the firearm for cleaning, I noticed that I had one extra piece compared to what I should have.. The very end of the recoil spring guide is threaded, and it has a bushing that screws on. It seemed like that wasn't right, so I took the liberty of putting a little locktite on the threads once i was finished cleaning and reassembled. Once I called Kahr customer service today, the rep confirmed that it should have been assembled with locktite and that he would send out new recoil guide assembly. I told him that I did locktite it, and he is sending it anyway. So, I have to say.. I am happy with their customer service so far.. and I hope this is the only issue I hit with my new Kahr.