Just put down some money one a Glock 22!

Just put down some money one a Glock 22!

This is a discussion on Just put down some money one a Glock 22! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was browsing the local gun store today and they had a Glock 22 for about $420 that appeared to be barely fired. The magazine springs ...

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Thread: Just put down some money one a Glock 22!

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    Just put down some money one a Glock 22!

    Was browsing the local gun store today and they had a Glock 22 for about $420 that appeared to be barely fired. The magazine springs felt new, the gun itself had little to no signs of any wear. It looked virtually brand new. It comes with basically everything a new Glock comes with (2 magazines, manual, etc).

    Put down about $120 on it today and hope to pick it up by the end of the month.

    Had the chance to shoot it too - shot like a champ!

    Was considering the Glock 23, but I preferred the way the Glock 22 felt in my hand (I have fairly big hands) and shot it much better. The "snappier" recoil on the Glock 23 was kind of unpleasant to shoot (I'm sure it would improve with practice, but I just didn't like it as much).

    I'm pretty excited because this will be the first gun I will purchase. I was given a SIG P228 as a gift and love that little gun, but I figured I would expand my collection a bit :)

    I'm thinking of CCWing it - after looking at the 22 and the 23 side by side, it appears that the 22 is only half an inch longer at the muzzle (not much at all since I plan to carry IWB) and the grip is about half an inch longer as well. I'm 6'2", have an average build, and don't tend to wear super tight clothing so I don't think I'll have much trouble at all with it. The P228, which I understand is a little bit wider, fits right in there no problem so I'm suspecting the G22 shouldn't be too hard either.

    Anybody have any experiences with the gun?

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    I think the G22 is a great handgun. Good choice. I have carried it CCW in this style of holster. I sold the pistol to my son and he wears it in the same style of holster.
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    I don't have a G22 but I'm trying my best to try and ccw my G21! I'm under the impression that someone has done it before so why the heck can't I?!
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    I bought a second gen glock 22 Detroit PD a few years ago. I absolutely love it. Like you said, it isn't much bigger than a G-23. I bought a Lonewolf 9mm conversion barrel, and swapped out all the internals of the gun. Made it a full time 9mm if you catch my drift. It is now what I pretty much exclusively shoot at IDPA matches.

    I do CC the gun in the winter time, but i have so many other options in hot weather as it doesn't conceal as well as a G-27.....that it is pretty much a range/IDPA gun for the most part.

    Congrats on the purchase too by the way.

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    Congrats. I am not a .40 fan but love my g19 and ccw it often plus it shoots like a dream.

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    good choice
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    Glocks are fantastic. Love my 27, at your size you should have no problem CCing it. I'm 5'5" and slim and carry my 23 in a custom kydex I made, works fine for me. Even though I wear it low for max conceal, I can drive the car with it.
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    I'm headed to the range in about 30 minutes and my Glock 22 RTF2 is in the range bag along with a few other "friends".

    I also have the 23 and 27 and I suspect your "family" will grow as well.
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    Any Glock can be your friend...exactly 'which one?'...well, that's simply a personal choice.
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    My issue weapon is a G22, with a G27 backup for duty. The G22 is now about 10 years old and due to budget cuts, I will probably carry it until retirement. And thats fine with me. It has the slickest slide ,almost like it rides on ball bearings. I have used the 3 mags that came with it loaded -1, or 14 in each mag , and they still work with no problems. Now, its not the most accurate glock I have ever owned, but is still acceptable to me. If they were to try and get rid of these and get us something else, I think I would offer than double the money to purchase it.
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    Very good choice. I picked one up a couple months before i left for deployment and really liked it. I plan on putting in an application to the local metro police department and that is their duty gun. Ive talked to a few of the officers and they all seem to like that they carry it and some carry a G27 as an off duty gun to conceal.

    Im sure youre gonna like it.

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