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This is a discussion on Purchase new vs used within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The analogy with buying a used car is very pertinent. The advantage to buying new is that you will know how the gun has been ...

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Thread: Purchase new vs used

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    The analogy with buying a used car is very pertinent. The advantage to buying new is that you will know how the gun has been cared for and maintained. I think of a firearm as being life-saving equipment: it must absolutely work when required to do so. I'd get a used gun if its primary purpose was plinking (e.g., a Ruger MKII).
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    I am a creature of the deal, whether new or used, I look for sales or deals and pounce when the opportunuty arrises. By keeping my options open and not focusing on a particular brand or model, I've been able to add to my collection at some very reasonable prices. This is a hobby and as such I keep the financial end seperate from real life. I have a "gun fund" that is used and do not allow myself purchases I can't afford. But by having my funds seperate and at the ready, I can react quickly to a newly spotted "deal".

    When buying new guns I've had success watching Bud's, Gunbroker, etc., as well as my local gun shops. Sometimes the sale prices or bulk purchased deals are very good.

    Used gun searches are a little different in that I will hunt for certain models, but usually will allow fate or chance to guide my purchase. You just never know what you'll bump into and by being fairly educated on general firearm values, when a good deal appears, you are able to take advantage of them with confidence. Even shops with traditionally high prices may surprise you. I've found my best used deals at Gander Mtn.

    The internet is a little riskier for used purchases, but by using common sense and restricting yourself to "known" or reputable sellers, the chance of being dupped is lessened greatly. Some of my best internet deals have come from classified ads on forums such as this.

    Be patient, be informed, be willing to react to what presents itself that day... that's how I shop.
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    I have bought both. The internet can be tricky especially since you cannot really see the gun. And why are the owners getting rid of it? Also, most internet sales have a money back guarantee as long as you don't fire the weapon. Is it a lemon or do they need cash? Well, many of the issues with a gun could be fire oriented, so you will not know if it has a problem until you fire it. If it has no warranty you could be on he hook for some expensive repairs on top of the purchase. I tend to purchase new for the warranty and I look for lifetime warranties at that. I really get annoyed by some manufacturers who sell a premium priced gun with mega advertising and only give a one year warranty. My money does not grow on trees and I think that part of the investment process is the warranty. It does not mean that you will not encounter an issue, but at least you have some recourse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwhartman View Post
    I'm new to firearms. One thing I've learned this can become expensive very quickly. I'm retired and a disabled vet.
    I would value thoughts from anyone who purchased used vs new and if budget restrictions was the driving factor.
    Thanks in advance for your replies. Mike
    First , from one Vet to another - thanks!

    I own 10 S&W revolvers - all purchased used.

    Most of them were bought in person but a couple were bought online with
    only pictures and description to go by.

    I prefer the older S&W models (before all the mfg. changes )- most of mine were
    not used a lot and I saved an average of about $150 each over a nib gun.

    Just make sure you stick with the major makers (S&W , Colt, SIG, Glock )
    and buy from FFL dealers with a decent reputation.
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

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    I am also a disabled Vet. For wheel guns I ALWAYS buy used, most people buy, shoot, and leave them alone. For bottom feeders I go new, seems like EVERYONE with a dremel thinks they can do a better job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwhartman View Post
    I'm new to firearms. One thing I've learned this can become expensive very quickly. I'm retired and a disabled vet.

    I would value thoughts from anyone who purchased used vs new and if budget restrictions was the driving factor.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    New to firearms? let me warn you, it is addictive! I am RET and a disabled Vet too welcome Brother! Now used vs old; I have gone with both my guns are about 50/50 and I have never been unhappy either way. if you get a gun used thqat has been treated well there is no real difference to bee honest
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    I try to buy new, but if a used deal is good enough to still be a good deal after having to have a gunsmith fix something I'd go for it.

    Like 1 old 0311 said, "seems like EVERYONE with a dremel thinks they can do a better job".

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    I always scan the local classifieds most guns are overpriced, but every now and then someone who is desperate or doesn't know the value will post a gun way under priced. But they go fast, so you have to check a lot. Good luck!
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    I was at the gun shop friday and a guy had an M&P .45acp he took in to see about selling. He claims he only put 3 magazines in it since buying new and the shop offered him $250, a guy standing there offered $300 and the management told them to take the deal outside, that's one case I may have bought used. I like new mainly so I know the history and that its not been stolen, friend made a mistake and bought a ruger for 200 he later found to be stolen.

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    Hey there brother! Me too, 100% disabled Vietnam vet.

    Used are okay if you know where they came from. Remember the little old lady only drove it on Sunday to church?
    Better is to have one on layaway or save to get it new. I would bet the farm that the people here on this forum will have some good deals though.

    Try this web link on Google to find a used guns near you maybe.


    Good luck!
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    Used is great! I get to play with lots more guns and cartridges and enjoy the hobby far more by taking advantage of the purchase of quality used guns. Know the market, know the design, recognize condition, stay away from cheapo brands and you're there. Fully 80% of my firearms were purchased used and they are all fine, reliable, and serviceable.

    I'm content to purchase used guns because there is precious little in all the present manufacturers' current catalogs that interests me.
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    I shoot everything I buy and it usually shows wear and tear after awhile,so if I find a good deal on a used gun then I will buy it,I have purchased at least a dozen used firearms in my life and haven't had any problems yet
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    I would only buy used w/ a transferrable lifetime warranty, so that eliminates a lot of brands. I figure that if the used gun is in reasonably looking shape (not abused), the manufacturer will take care of any problems. I bought 2 taurus used, and no problems w/ either of them, so far.

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    Considering the number of handguns that have had somewhere between 50 and 300 bullets down the barrel, and look like new...the number of choices increases, and you've got more affordable alternatives.

    If the seller is greedy and wants really close to the new price of a gun, smile and walk the other way. Some sellers want a good deal when they are buying-but refuse to price items fairly when they are the selller.
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    I bought both ways. I won't hesitate to buy used if the price is right on a weapon I am looking for. Know your seller or at least be able to check references (e.g. through GunBroker) and know if return if not satisfied is acceptable. One of my favorites is a Glock 30 that I bought used (staying within a budget) off GunBroker.
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