I Like my total package for CHL. I purchased a Stoeger Cougar 8000 9mm for $375 after contacting Littlebearholsters, I order a shark skin 1.5" belt for $95.00 and a IWB/OWB leather holster with shark skin belt loops and trim for $115.00. This package allows me to carry in a number of positions including OWB, between the pants and the belt, IWB, and finally, I made a spring clip adapter and made this holster also Tuckable( I am going to buy Kydex belt loops to replace the spring clip I made)

What I like about this holster is the belt loops are a little over 8" a part for weight distribution. Having this type of holster gives me a wide variety of ways to carry and not have invested a lot of money on numerous different holsters. I know that my next holster will be the Remora and again it is very in-expensive.
So I guess, I like to say that sometimes spending dollars for each item is okay but I looked to make the best use of my limited funds on a total package that meets my varying carry needs and still has a top quality look when I look at the belt or the holster or even at the Cougar 8000 DA/SA.