Glocks two camps love or hate

This is a discussion on Glocks two camps love or hate within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've found this site extremely helpful. It seems that the Glocks receive quite a bit of discussion and there are two camps love them or ...

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Thread: Glocks two camps love or hate

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    Glocks two camps love or hate

    I've found this site extremely helpful. It seems that the Glocks receive quite a bit of discussion and there are two camps love them or hate them. I've not owned a Glock so I would appreciate hearing the pros and cons from members who own or did own a Glock.

    I do not want to start a flame war just need as much info as possible to help me decide on whether Glock does or does not belong in my future.

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    I used to hate Glocks. I thought that they looked and felt like bricks. I was a Kimber/1911 kind of guy. Then I made the mistake of picking up and 'fondling' a Glock-36 and really liked the 'feel'.
    During a point shooting course, I used both the Kimbers and my Glock became my EDC. After that, some of the other Glocks were added to my collection. Then I took the Glock Armorer Course in GA. After learning about the history, popularity, dependability, and SIMPLICITY...I've been sold on Glocks. I now have five, and counting...
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
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    After 25 years of expecting them to go away I decided to give them a try and bought 2 of them, a 17 and a 19. I shouldn't have waited so long. I have yet to experience a malfunction with either. Simple and reliable so far as well as easy to carry and accurate to shoot. I haven't found anything not to love. This is coming from a longtime revolver man.

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    I learned much about guns here as well. I started this journey just over two years ago.

    My first carry gun was a Kimber Ultra CDP II in 9mm. My wife's was a Kimber Ultra Aegis II, also in 9mm. They are still in our collection, and are carried from time-to-time, especially when I need deeper concealment. However, after a lot of research and trial-and-error, I most often carry a Glock 19 in a Crossbreed Supertuck.

    My Glock has been flawless as far as reliability, it's easy to maintain, it carries 15 rounds, and it rides comfortably in my holster. I could replace it tomorrow for $440 new (through an FFL friend). I don't treat it like a showpiece. I don't worry about scuffs or dings. It gets a lot if use, and I simply don't have to think or worry about it.

    I can carry a solid, powerful firearm. I don't carry a backup, and I am comfortable the Glock will be ready to rock if I ever need it. YMMV.

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    To put it simply: GLOCK lovers appreciate GLOCK for it's out-of-the-box reliability, capacity, simplicity, ruggedness, performance, affordability, and looks.

    GLOCK haters gotta hate (sorry couldn't resist), don't like the grip angle or equate them to bricks, and are secretly jealous because they are the best combat pistols and they just can't bring themselves to give them serious consideration.

    My opinions, don't get your panties all disrupted 1911 guys. I do love and appreciate my 1911's but as far as CC goes make mine GLOCK.
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    I'm somewhere in the middle. There are not many guns that I don't like. However, I do own three Glocks that I've picked up in the last five years, and they are the most reliable handguns that I own. To the best of my recollection, all three have performed flawlessly, right out of the box. I do suppose that if I could own only one handgun, it would be a Glock. I am dissapointed in some of the changes that they've made in the Gen4, so I'm careful to state that I'm basing my experience on Gen3. However, there are many other great brands and makes out there, some of which I also trust to be my daily carry.
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    I got my first glock a little over 3 weeks ago and I totally fell in love. It's a G27 Gen 4 and it is the perfect edc imho. Before that I carried a walther p99 .40 and a berreta cougar in .45 for over 12 years. Simplicity and reliability are the main reasons why I love it. Tough little gun in the perfect size for cc. What's not to like?

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    I think they are great, but lost quite a bit of their mystic over the last few years with regards to not changing with the times. This type of gun design has become a commodity.
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    I have a G21 (gen3) & G22 (gen 2) The G22, like most of the Glock line-up is too small in my hands. That same thing can be said about a lot of the guns out there. The G21 fits my hand like a glove.

    Neither are in my EDC lineup because I prefer a SA with external safety or a DA trigger for that role (I know the Glock is technically a DA trigger, but it is too light for my preferences without a safety). Both do see use, however, at the range and for HD purposes. The G22 also doubles as a G17 with an aftermarket drop-in barrel and G17 mags. The G21 sees carry duty when I am hunting, particularly when hunting with a shotgun. It has also seen use as a primary hunting weapon for coyotes - gotta call them in close.

    Most people like Glocks for the following reasons:
    1. Well engineered, they go bang every time
    2. While not at the cheap end, they are affordable
    3. They take a beating and keep on ticking. I have no problems taking my G21 out for a rainy day hunt and expecting it to show no ill effects assuming I clean it when we are done.
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    I suppose it can appear to be love or hate. There are those who prefer them, those that don't like them, and there are probably extremes on both sides. I'm sure you'll find that about most anything.

    A Glock is a utilitarian weapon. It's not designed to be beautiful, it's designed to function, something it does very well.

    Personally they fit my hand and my budget, that's why I have four of them.

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    I have a glock 19 that is my edc and I really lke it.I have put a manual safety on it and now I think it is perfect.I don't know why some people think they are unnecessory,but I like it and my opinion is the one that matters.

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    How about the middle?

    I think there must be many of us, like myself, who are somewhere in the middle between love and hate when it comes to Glocks. In general, I don't have such strong emotions about inanimate machines as "love" or "hate". I reserve those emotions for people.

    But I have owned a couple of Glocks for 12 or more years, and use them regularly at the range or for carry. They are a small percentage of my handgun collection, but they have many good attributes like reliability, durability, light weight and reasonable price. On the other hand they aren't as good as some other guns in accuracy, ergonomics, beauty or collector value. So they are just another tool in the toolbox for me, but hardly the final answer for every use.
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    There was a time when I thought Glocks were ugly, crappy pistols. I also was not a fan of the DAO type trigger. All of my experience with them had come at the gun counter.

    Then I shot a friends G19 at the range. It fit my hand like a glove and I shot it very, very well. I have since changed my mind about Glock pistols and now have two and have two more on my list.
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    I have a Glock 26 and like it. I usually only CC it in the winter as it prints on me. It is very reliable with no failures in 1500+ rounds. It is the easiest pistol I own to take down and clean. Reliable, affordable, easy to maintain. Just like my revolver only twice the rounds!
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    I like Glocks. Don't hate them. Don't love them. Was looking at getting one in Feb. but it was just too expensive. It was the 21C; full size .45ACP with built in compensator. (I won't own 9mm or 10mm/.40- personal preference) But, it was a $600 gun. So, I ended up with my Taurus- $400 out the door with a box of 50 200gr JHPs.

    So, I like Glocks. Just not the price tag.
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