To sell or not to sell

To sell or not to sell

This is a discussion on To sell or not to sell within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact that I absolutely love. It's been flawless and reliable, and it is a nice little 13+1 capacity ...

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Thread: To sell or not to sell

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    To sell or not to sell

    I have a Bersa Thunder 9 Ultra Compact that I absolutely love. It's been flawless and reliable, and it is a nice little 13+1 capacity DA/SA hammered pistol with de-cocker. Well built and I like the features. Shoots great. I bought it used and it came with 4 magazines and a ver nice leather IWB holster from UBG, but it is left handed so not much use to me.

    So, what's the problem with this gun I really like? I just don't carry 9mm much at all anymore. I carry my SP101 mostly or my XD40sc if I feel the need for more capacity. Why? I just lost some of the love for the 9mm round over time. I shoot 9mm rounds a lot because they are less expensive, but I have 3 9mm pistols. The Ruger P95 is a large gun and I shoot it more accurately than any gun I own. So I'm keeping it for target and competitions. I'm also considering trading my PT709 for the new PT740 to meet my small light deep concealment needs in my preferred caliber.

    My brother-in-law LOVES my Bersa Thunder 9 uc, and he is left handed. He has a big long barrel Ruger .357 Mag revolver and he wants to sell it (possibly trade me) and get my Bersa. I don't really need or want the .357 he has since I have my revolver needs more than covered. I could sell the Bersa, holster, mags, and some ammo to him for a deal for him considering no tax and fees and actually come out a little ahead myself...and I have a READY buyer that I trust completely cash in hand.

    My only hesitation is I NEVER sell any remorse that way. I just add to what I have. But what's the point if I really never carry it, don't plan on carrying it, and have something else to target shoot in 9mm? There's always the possibility that with age or injury there may be a time when I prefer 9mm and wish I had it back.

    Any of you guys ever struggle with the sell or not to sell?
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    There are guns you keep and guns you sale IMHO. My keep guns are: guns that were my father's, grandfathers, mother's, a couple of uncle's and my first gun (both long and pistol). Guns I have sold in the past held little are no sentimental value. I have limited space in my small safe and only have three long guns displayed. So if I want anything new its either buy another/bigger safe or make room. I really only have 3 guns that I carry and one of those is my wife's. The rest are guns that will be left to my family as they were left to me.

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    Sell it. Don't get emotionally attached. It is just a tool. If you don't use it, get rid if it.

    Worry about the "if's" later. You can always buy another tool then.
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    Over the years I've bought and sold many times. The first few sales were a bit difficult. Now I don't have a problem at all. I've managed to swap and trade myself into the collection that I like.

    Besides your interests and tastes change over time. And selling stuff you don't shoot any more frees up some cash to try out the newer stuff.
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    Go ahead and give her a good home where you know she'll be loved and cared for. She served you well, now let her serve your brother too.
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    I agree. Let it go, then get what you really want.
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    Trust me I buy and sell a bunch! If you are thinking about selling it wait 24 hours and if you still are thinking about it then sell.
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    Bugdude - I can relate. I've never sold a gun, and (like you) have no regrets.

    However, if it was a close friend that had amorous feelings towards one of my spares, and I knew it was a good gun that would serve them well, I probably would sell it to them (for a very low price). That's just me, though...
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    Humm, do I miss any of the guns I've ever sold...?

    Nope. Otherwise, I wouldn't have sold them.
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    If you sell it to your brother, your keeping it in the family, you can visit whenever you like!
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    Sll it... it's not an heirloom or a collector's piece. Now if it was a vintage S&W Triple Lock, or a Colt Python, that would be a different story.
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    I would sell it to a family member in a heart beat.

    My rule of thumb is if I haven't shot a gun in a whole year then it's a tool that I don't use. If I'm not using it then it's just taking up space.
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    I vote sell it. I used to get attached to guns, but that passed many trades ago.
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    sell it and put the money towards something else you really want.. you can always buy another one some day if you change your mind,odds are you probably will never miss it..

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    If I were in your shoes I'd sell it to him.
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