629 was broken............

629 was broken............

This is a discussion on 629 was broken............ within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always talk about how my 629 Smith and Wesson is my favorite gun. I shot it this week and it was accurate and flawless ...

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Thread: 629 was broken............

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    629 was broken............

    I always talk about how my 629 Smith and Wesson is my favorite gun. I shot it this week and it was accurate and flawless firing, but when I tried to dump shells the cylinder would not open unless I smacked it with my hand. I thought maybe I am just having a stupid attack leaving my hand to block the cylinder in and let it go at that. Today I was cleaning it and the same problem happened. I could not get it to release that darn cylinder. So i called beech grove firearms and told them about it since I purchased it from them. The man I spoke too and dealt with was Gary, and he assured me if I brought it in he would make it right since it was only my third time at the range with it. I took it in to Gary, he took it in the back and voila. He came back out pushing the cylinder out the easiest I have ever seen it manipulated. I asked him what happened and he said the push rod was loose and he had tightened it back down for me. He then showed me how to tighten it in case it happened again and told me if it happened again to bring it back and they would replace the push rod for me free of charge. How is that for a happy ending to a possibly sad story?
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    Well, at least it isn't "broken broken", and was just a little broken.

    Sounds like a top notch store you have found to work with.
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    That's how stores build customer loyalty!!! Glad you found a good one.
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    I had a Ruger Speed Six years ago that did the same thing. I ended up selling it and getting something else. Looking back on it, I really wish I would have had it repaired and just kept it.

    Glad it worked out for ya, and Oh yeah, I'd take the guy up on the replacement ASAP.

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    Its hard to find that kind of service from retailers these days. And by the way... I REALLY want a S&W 629! My grandad had a nickel model 29 that he kept in his truck and carried all over that I am quite enamored with, trouble is my dad has it now and he likes it too! : ) I think I'm going to get an AR15 first but its on the short list! Trouble is at my income level and my "not tick off the wife too much saving too much for a gun fund" grows slow enough it will probably be a couple years but with some patience it will be worth it!

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    I have a very early model 629 from when they were first introduced way back when. I had that problem with mine when I first recieved it. A little blue locktite and screw it back in and it's been fine for something like 25 years or so now. When shooting heavy loads in magnum revolvers you get used to having to tighten things up every so often because the big guns tend to shake things loose occasionally.
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    I've had it happen on several revolvers thru the years,the first time it happened and the cylinder was hard to open and close,I yhink when I went to close it I noticed the ejector rod was longer than it should be,thats when I realised it screwed in,blue loctite works wonder.Most guys that know how to fix sumpin on guns didn't get it by osmosis,either we or a friend had something happen and we experienced it and files it in gun stuff part of the brain
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    Yeah, not broken, just loose. I'm glad you didn't have any complications. I make a lot of money in my shop from making repairs and replacing parts for people that could have saved themselves a massive headache if they had only occasionally checked all the screws to make sure they were tight.
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    I'e seen it on a lot of S&W 22 revolvers, too. I'm glad you caught it right away. Now it's just another item on your pre-flight check list.
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    I also would recommend the use of some blue loctite. If any of my guns have this issue it is what I would use. I have quite a few rounds through my 629 with zero issues. Gotta love a big ole revolver!!!
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    Great customer service, as others have said not an uncommon occurrence with S&W revolvers, when qualifying while in the Air Force we usually had at least one or two lock-ups each range session.
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    My Smith Model 60 had that same problem. I tightened it up with a little blue loctite and problem solved. The only thing to remember is it is a left hand thread (I think).

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    I gotta remember this thread when someone posts that revolvers are 100% reliable and never ever malfunction.

    (relax revolver guys - just havin' a little fun...I own a revolver too! )
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    (Sarcasm On)

    What?! A Revolver with an issue???

    (Sarcasm Off)

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    Could you please describe how to tighten which screw?

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