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Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 Which one?

This is a discussion on Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 Which one? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; MichSteve, Please know that I am biased. My opinion is based on the overall quality of the guns I have owned. Image hosting, free photo ...

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Thread: Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 Which one?

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    Please know that I am biased. My opinion is based on the overall quality of the guns I have owned.

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    To answer your question, unless the 686 fits better in your hands and awakens in you a sense of confidence that the GP-100 does not do, I would pick the 4 GP100. I consider it to be the finest revolver presently being made. Mine serves for protection and recreational shooting.

    I have owned many fine revolvers. Most all were excellent in one way or another. The two GP-100s that I presently own are overall superior to the others. The GP-100 is better built! It is sturdier! Its component parts work with the highest level of precision making the mechanical results buttery-smooth. After much practice I have even found the trigger action of my 4 GP100 to be superior to my 686. Then too, it better buffers .357 magnum loads than the

    Both the 686 and the GP-100 are reliable and accurate. Both will achieve longevity beyond your ownership if kept in good condition through routine and careful inspection and maintenance.

    The visual beauty of these two revolvers rests in the eye of the beholder. The 686 has the sleeker design. The GP-100 on the other hand looks totally rock-solid. It is my choice when walking the desert to protect me from two and four legged varmints.

    Although my 686 is a wonderful gun, my two GP-100s are better!

    Good luck with your choice.

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    Get the ONE ,,,, YOU like best,,,, I have always liked the SMITHS
    and besides Bo Derek & S&W ARE BUILT,,,, ONE the way a woman should be
    ,,,, the other like a GUN SHOULD BE. DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF
    Rosie O'donnel.

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    686 all the way..
    The police are not there to protect you from crime, they are there to arrest the guy after the crime has been committed, assuming they find him. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scgunlover1 View Post
    I would chose the Ruger because I have a couple Smith's and like them. I held a 3" GP 100 today and it felt great with the Hogue grips and no locks on the Rugers.
    You hit the nail on the head with your "......and no locks on the Rugers." For me S&W ruined their new revolvers with the side lock. It's UGLY!! I have been looking for an older Model 19, but I will never purchase one of their new products....

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    I like Rugers, have both a sp-101(which my wife claimed as hers) and a P345. Never had a S&W handgun personally, but shot a few. They are on my list for next handgun to buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichSteve View Post
    Ruger GP100 or S&W 686 both in 4" barrel, which one and why? Gun will do double duty as range gun and home defense gun.

    Based on the four Criteria's below:

    Trigger Pull
    Value for Price
    Either model can win the DA trigger pull contest. Yes, some GP100 trigger pulls are really quite
    good, and not all S&W sixguns have good DA pulls.

    Accuracy? Can anyone really realy tell the difference, while standing on their hind legs, shooting unsupported? I think individual sample variation will be more significant than one make versus the other. These are both accurate sixguns.

    Ruggedness? Well, some praise the forged contruction of the S&W, while others praise the beefiness and more-solid-frame construction of Ruger.

    Value is where Ruger clearly wins. With both sixguns being so close, in so many ways, the lower price of a Ruger wins the
    value contest.

    Personally, the original, pre-Hogue GP100 factory grip is shaped perfectly for my hands, whereas I have struggled for years to find a perfect S&W K/L-frame grip. I am also not fond of keyholes in the sides of my sixguns. A look at my avatar, at left, shows where my heart is.

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    .....Both....! (yeah I know....big help)!

    Really though, based on your criteria Smith would serve you well. Resale value is better and caressing a Smith is like......ahhh, nevermind.


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    I had the same question. Went to the gun show and must have went back and forth a dozen times holding them. Both are great revolvers, but the Ruger just felt better in my grip. Bought it and am very happy. Get the one that feels best to you and you will also be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccman View Post
    Either would be a fine choice. I have the Ruger GP 100 and I am keeping it.
    I have recently purchased the ruger gp 100 6 inch in s/s. was shooting 3 inch groups at 50 yards free hand with 8 mph cross wind.used 158 gr magtech 38sp+p ammo.not sorry I got it .will say front sight is hard to see ordered new ruger
    front sight with red optic insert still waiting for shipping on that sight.I also have large hands so houge std grip was
    perfect fit for me would suggest shooting both guns and buy the one that works for you the best.

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    has anyone loaded rounds for the ruger with barrys plated flatnose 158gr bullets and if you have where did you get your load data?

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    GP100 vs SW 686

    I have heard that the Smith 686 is a higher quality handgun, but the Ruger, while being of lesser quality, is a "tank" that will never cause any problems. First, am I correct, and second, if they were the same price, which would you choose?

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    Both are good weapons, but the S&W hands down for me based on fit and feel.
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    Just bought a 686 plus.

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    I have a 4" ruger gp100 as my bedside gun. It has a terrible double action trigger, imo. Smith has to have a huge advantage there. The factory sites aren't that great, and the stupid lawyer warning on the side is lame. I got it to "match" my lcr, which actually has a pretty nice double action pull.

    They work. I like the .357 round so that's why I got them. A 686+ would probably be better, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragman View Post
    I have installed one and it still isn't a S&W they still have a little travel and creep that the smith doesn't
    There is a very simple fix for the creep. Cock the hammer. Then push forward on the hammer spur with your thumb while pulling the trigger. Do that two or three times and the trigger creep will be no more. Sounds crazy but you will see that it works wonders. I had the same creep after the spring change and polish job on my GP100. I hated the trigger creep that was present. I did some research and found this little trick. the GP100 now has a DA/SA comparable to the 686. Give it a try.
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