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Comparing the HK45 to the FNP 45

This is a discussion on Comparing the HK45 to the FNP 45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MattInFla I find that my HK45 10 round magazines easily accommodate 11 rounds, and I am quite comfortable with that capability (when ...

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Thread: Comparing the HK45 to the FNP 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    I find that my HK45 10 round magazines easily accommodate 11 rounds, and I am quite comfortable with that capability (when I'm carrying the H&K).

    Loading to 11 could possibly cause premature spring fatigue. I seem to recall the "extra room" was to lengthen the life of the magazine spring...

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    Both are super pistols, can't go wrong with either. I would tend to go with the HK product because our Special Forces use them, if they trust their life to them it's good enough for me.

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    Shot the HK45 yesterday and didn't like the trough in the trigger! I think with the trough removed it would be awesome. The trigger on HK45c is much better for me because of this. Haven't shot the FNP45 yet but it has a soft trigger.

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    fantastic video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitaryArms View Post
    Here's a detailed review I posted last night of the HK45 and FNP 45.

    Questions and comments are welcome.
    First off that is a great video you did on both guns. I own both. They both shoot on par with each other in my opinion. One doesn't shoot better than the other. The HK45 feels better in my hand than the FNP45 but then again I don't have the smallest hands so it doesn't really make a difference. I think the HK45 feels a little lighter in a holster, but I reckon that is because it's 4rds shy of the FNP45. The FNP45 is certainly a man's gun, and the one I prefer. I don't like the fact that it didn't come with night sights like the FNS-9MM does. That would have made the gun more appealing I think. By and large the FNP45 is the best buy out of the 2, price being the biggest factor.

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    I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet but will be checking it out tonight. I love my FNP-45 for home defense, truck gun and fun at the range. One of these days I'm going to pony up the cash for a really good IWB holster to try and CCW this beast. I've shot an HK USP 45, M&P 45, Dan Wesson 1911 (not sure what model) and an XD 45 but I shot best with my FNP-45. I haven't touched an HK45 yet but I am interested in shooting one. I seriously doubt I could ever justify that kind of money on one, and my wife would probably use it on me if she found out.

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    IMO, I'd always pick the tactical version of the FN over the standard because it is milled for a MRDS. Just sayin.


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    I tend to like anything FN (like my orig 50.00 FAL and several P35s), on the other hand, I've become addicted to more than a few HK pistols---my older USPf 45 shoots like a rifle---I can't seem to miss with it! Very satisfying. I looked at the newer HK45 and also liked it---but I went with the smaller 45C as I already have a couple of full-sized 45 pistols and have been trending towards smaller guns lately. Whatever you choose, enjoy it!

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