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Buying my first CCW pistol

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Thread: Buying my first CCW pistol

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    Para makes several models of double stack 1911's. The p14.45 for example holds 10+1.

    However, the new polymer .45's, take the cake in the capacity issue, as several like the XD .45 now hold 13+1. 14 rounds of .45 ACP is nothing to be laughed at.
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    Defender capacity

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumetre
    I was checking out a Colt Defender today and that would be nice but it only holds 6+1. Does anyone make a double stack compact 1911?
    Although the Colt magazine that comes with the Defender holds 6 rounds, the gun will actually hold 7+1 with the appropriate Wilson Combat magazine for the Officer's size 1911 frame. And you can use 8+1 magazines in a Defender if you don't mind them sticking out a bit. Most people who carry a Defender would load it with a 7+1 magazine in the gun and 8+1 for backup, giving them 17 rounds of .45 ACP on tap with one reload. That is probably enough for most eventualities.

    As someone pointed out, Para Ordnance makes 3 inch barrel 1911s with double stack mags. I have held them and they are quite thick through the grip, as you would expect, reminiscent of the Glock 30 in this regard.

    I believe it is a fair statement that the longer you are involved in CCW, the less priority you will give to ammo capacity in the gun. Gun reliability and your ability to shoot it accurately are probably more important.

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    My advice...

    ... would be to go with a 9mm. Your practice ammo will be VERY cheap, and most likely you will shoot better with it, especially if you need to fire strings of multiple shots.

    I made the mistake (for me) of starting off with a .45 ACP (Taurus PT-145 MilPRO) for carry. Now I carry a 9mm (Glock 26), which is much softer shooting for a variety of reasons... not just the caliber difference, but other factors as well. However, I am more easily able to afford stocking up on and shooting this pistol, and my follow-up shots are faster AND more accurate. All of this leads me to a much higher confidence level in my carry setup.

    If you're absolutely welded to the .45 ACP round, and if your hands are big enough, you should at least try a Glock 30. It's way too big for my hands, but I did shoot quite well with it when I rented one at a range. The recoil is remarkably manageable and the pistol was very accurate.

    In .40 S&W, I'd look at the Glock 23, Glock 27, Walther P99c, and XD-40 SC (subcompact).

    In 9mm I'd say Glock 26, Glock 19, Walther P99c, XD-9 SC, Kahr P9 Covert.

    For 45 ACP, check out the Glock 30.

    Others have made some good recommendations as well, but those are the ones I'd make sure were on my "short list" if I were in your situation.

    As for Para double-stack 1911s, I handled a Warthog (or is it Warthawg?) at a show once, seemed like a nice pistol... I have heard of some folks getting bitten in the hand by the bottom of the grip though, during recoil. Never fired one myself so I can't offer anything beyond that.

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    I will definately take a look at the para 1911 options. I have looked at a few glocks but I just dont like the way they feel in my hand and my natural point of aim is way off compared with pretty much anything else I have handled. I really do appreciate all the help. I was thinking BUG stood for Basicly Unarmed Gun.

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    I've been wanting a Para Ordinance Warthog - double stack 10 + 1 .45.
    I'd buy one in a minute if it had an ambi-safety (I'm a southpaw).

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