Does anyone subscribe to Gun tests?

Does anyone subscribe to Gun Tests?

This is a discussion on Does anyone subscribe to Gun Tests? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I received this offer in the mail for Gun Tests. It's a consumer resource. If you subscribe what do you think of it?...

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Thread: Does anyone subscribe to Gun tests?

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    Does anyone subscribe to Gun tests?

    I received this offer in the mail for Gun tests. It's a consumer resource. If you subscribe what do you think of it?
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    I voted "no." I subscribed earlier this year. The magazine is not bad, but they review a lot of guns that I'm not interested in. I don't plan on renewing. I can find better places to spend my money. Also, I did find some of their reviews didn't include data I was interested in, such as trigger pull values.

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    I voted yes. I have subscribed for several years and while I agree with older gunner in the fact that they review a lot of guns that I am not interested in, it must be added that they review a lot of guns that I am interested in. One can not expect that every gun or type will interest every individual but the material is cumulative and is benificial when comparing similar guns. We have little information when choosing one gun over another and the dealers will not allow us a "test drive". Gun test is the next best thing.

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    Don't need to. You guys are better than any rag on testing guns...

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    Nope i used to long time ago when they did a lot better job than they do now again a lot of what they review was a deal breaker for me

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    A few years back I subscribed to Gun tests for maybe two years total. My main objection was that they would buy a single gun of a particular model, test it, and make a generalization about all guns of that model. They did not use a large enough sample size, from a statistical standpoint, to be able to generalize.

    I realize that the expense of buying 50 or 100 samples of one gun model would be prohibitive, but extrapolating from one sample to the whole universe is just ridiculous.

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    The thing I like about the mag is that they give a no BS answer on alot of differant guns. I just buy the used ones off of guys at gunshows...I got the last 3 years for 5.00.
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    Didn't vote cuz there wasn't a "maybe".

    I subscribed to the mag/rag for 4 (or so) years back in the early '90's. Back when I had a FFL. The fact that the mag had no advertising was great to me. I also found the writeups/reviews on the individual weapons and cleaning solvents,oils,and other cleaning products very useful. All in all,I found that the tests were NOT biased and the mag had NO agenda. This in my own opinion.

    I do not feel the need to subscribe today but surely would again if needed.

    Would suggest that you pick up a copy at a major book store and check it out. If you feel that it is worth it,subscribe.

    The mag DOES have some very useful info presented in a clear and concise manner. Take a look. ------

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    I took it for a year or two but like many folks it covered mostly guns I was not interested in - or needing to buy. They also did one or write-ups which left me far from impressed.

    I have too many mag's even so and need to cut back - that one was no loss at all when I quit it.
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    I have a couple of times but let it expire. It would be better if you got free access to the archives. I HAVE noticed that S&W almost never gets a "BUY" recommendation, and often gets a "DON"T BUY". Bias? They say not, but then again, S&W provokes some strong political feelings.
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    I got a couple of sample issues. Between the two there were at least three reviews that I disagreed with, from personal experience. I can search the various gun forums and get hundreds (or more) opinions on a gun, and come up with a much larger sample of experiences.
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    Yes, Conditionally

    I recently subscribed because I received a new subscriber discount offer in the mail. When it comes time to renew (at full price) I probably won't. I haven't seen a lot to interest me, so far.

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