HK P30 vs SIG P229

HK P30 vs SIG P229

This is a discussion on HK P30 vs SIG P229 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I've come to yet another difficult decision. Before I asked which you guys would advise between the P30 and the P2000, and after shooting ...

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Thread: HK P30 vs SIG P229

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    HK P30 vs SIG P229

    So I've come to yet another difficult decision.

    Before I asked which you guys would advise between the P30 and the P2000, and after shooting both I decided to go with the P30 between the two.

    I've now come to a new decision to be made:

    I already own a P228 which I've shot a good amount. I'm used to the way it handles and all the functions of it. Recently I shot the P229 in .40 S&W (the caliber I'm currently looking at) and found it to shoot quite well - very manageable recoil.

    To compare it to the P30, the gun-shop owner was nice enough to let me shoot a P30 on the range in the same caliber (the store has a range in it). Shot it equally well. I loved the ergonomics and found them superior to the P229, especially since one of my biggest gripes with the P229 is that I'm not able to get my grip as high as I'd like. That said, the SIG has the better trigger and I'm already used to the way it handles given it's almost the exact same as the P228 in most regards.

    When I tally up what I like and don't like between the two, I still find myself unable to decide definitively which I like more.

    Anybody have any bits of experience or thoughts to push me one way or another?

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    The P30 indeed has a not so great DA/SA trigger out the box, but don't panic. There are a few LEM variants of the P30 floating around, and that would be my choice, but they are rare at this point, and it doesn't seem H&K is gonna put out any conversion kits any time soon.

    If you like the DA/SA there is always Bill Springfield. He does many an action job on H&K pistols and is very reasonable when it comes to price. I have never used his services, but many reviews of his work can be read about at HKPRO forum.

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    Sig P229 in .40

    I can't fault the P30, as I have never owned or shot one. But I have owned a Sig P229 in .40 for 10 years, and it is one of my favorite guns. I seem to shoot it better than any other semiauto, even 1911s, and I think it is because of the trigger feel. If you want to shoot .40 caliber, the P229 is almost the perfect gun. It has enough weight to manage the recoil well, is small enough to carry concealed, and is absolutely reliable. Since you already have a 9mm Sig P228, a similar gun, you know what I'm talking about.

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    It would come down to ergonomics for me.
    If I had smallish hands, I'd go for the P-30.
    The 229 is a double stack, so the grip would be blockier (is that a word?)
    Both are fine firearms.
    I have a P-30, and I just got a Sig 225 which is single stack because I have short fingers.
    Either one would be hard to part with.
    I like the Sig trigger better after you take up the slack, but the grip on the P-30 feels like they made it for my hand.
    I'd stick with 9mm, since it's cheap and easy to find.

    I wanted to love the 226, but it felt all wrong for me.

    The P-30 has the slide release in exactly the right place, the slide is easier to rack than the Sig. And the "snick" when you thumb the slide release just sounds like a quality machine.

    I like the night sights better on the Sig.

    Tough choice, get both. You will sooner or later.

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