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ATTN: SP101 Club: DAO or keep the hammer...that is the question

This is a discussion on ATTN: SP101 Club: DAO or keep the hammer...that is the question within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do not pocket carry my SP-101 because for me it is to large for this purpose so having the hammer is a posistive feature ...

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Thread: ATTN: SP101 Club: DAO or keep the hammer...that is the question

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    I do not pocket carry my SP-101 because for me it is to large for this purpose so having the hammer is a posistive feature for me. I carry IWB appendix posistion and have never had a problem with snagging the hammer on clothing during the draw.

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    My thumb always covers the back of the hammer when transitioning to or from the holster...especially when holstering. Old habit.

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    KEEP THE HAMMER! REVOLVERS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE HAMMERS!!!!! You need single action to pick off a snakes head in the woods. Or shoot turtles floating in the river. Got to have my hammer on my 3 inch SP101.
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    Keep the hammer I've carried mine on and off for over a year IWB mainly and haven't ever snagged when practice drawing.

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    Keep the hammer. I've pocket carried revolvers for over 25 years and have never had a problem with the hammer snagging on anything. My 642 is the only wheel gun I've ever had that's hammerless. I wouldn't even consider a .357 that's hammerless. I have a 2.25" SP101 with a hammer and I'll add a SP101 with 3.0625" barrel very soon...
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    Keep it for all the reasons mentioned.

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    I bought mine with a hammer and I prefer it. I've never had an issue with it snagging and I practice in double action mode.
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    OMO, but I'd say the "hammers" have it.
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    I guess the hammer does not mean too much to me. I shoot my revolvers in DA about 90% of the time and shoot them well.
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    Mine has a hammer. I figure I can always "bob" it at a later date if I choose. No problems so far.

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    Mine is the 2.25" DOA version. If I could do it again, I would have got the 3.06" version and had the hammer mini bobbed, or at least de-horned. And truth be told, this gun is too heavy for me to carry it in a pocket, so the extra length and the ability to pull the hammer back and have it shoot SA when trying to shoot it in SA mode would be nice. The DAO version is exactly that, you cannot cock it, which narrows down your options.

    Regardless of what you decide to go with, the SP101 is a great firearm, and will serve you well.

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    I would say..the hammers have it. I've owned 3 Smith J-Frames over the years 2 with(36 and 60)and one without(640). I also had a 2.75" Security-Six and the hammer wasn't an issue,but that was a belt-carry anyway. So here goes.........."The envelope please...........and the winner is.........Hammer" !
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    For Concealed Carry, then bobbed hammer. First, drawing with non-bobbed hammer could snag (even though others have said they haven't had problems -- it's still possible. Certainly snags for me when I try it), Second, if you need to draw it for protection, you're likely to shoot DA anyway (no time to cock hammer for SA). If you're at a distance where you need SA for precision aiming, then you're probably at a good enough distance to run instead.

    I find I can "stage" my DA SP-101 if I'm shooting at paper -- pull back the trigger until you feel it "set" just a hair ... then you can hold it there for fine-tune-aiming. Not quite SA, but close.

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    For what it's worth I own a few, and have owned many more wheel guns I will NOT own a hammerless revolver. Each to his own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by old grunt View Post
    ************************************************** *
    Do you have a pic of your 101 with bobbed-hammer? Apologize if this image has made the forum before.
    First, thank you for your service Old Grunt. Without guys like you, we would not have a second ammendment to enjoy.

    Here are some pics of my SP-101. It's the 3 inch barell model, which I highly recommned. I had the gun converted to double action only and had the hammer bobbed at the same time. I did this because, in a self defense situation, I probably would not have time to cock the hammer and I did not want to be tempted to shoot it in single action mode at the range. The work was done by Teddy Jacobsen (Actions by T) in Sugarland Texas. Good luck with your decision and thanks again for your service.

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