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Want new 1911, Springfield or Colt?

This is a discussion on Want new 1911, Springfield or Colt? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Xader It's not necessarily meaty hands that cause an issue, but long thumbs. On a standard thumb safety, I have to adjust ...

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Thread: Want new 1911, Springfield or Colt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post
    It's not necessarily meaty hands that cause an issue, but long thumbs. On a standard thumb safety, I have to adjust my grip to disengage the safety with my thumb. The pad of my hand ends up on a standard safety. But an extended safety allows be to actually flick it with my thumb without changing my grip.
    He was talking about the grip safety.

    Now regarding the grip safety, it's (1911A1 profile grip safety) not too bad when shooting lesser round counts of standard velocity stuff but if shooing +P or higher round counts the tang of the safety can dig in.

    The beavertail also allows for the gun to ride lower in the hand which aides controlling muzzle rise by lowering the bore axis in relation to the firing hand.

    I never had an issue with the A1 profile safety until shooting about 200ish rounds with some +P thrown in while breaking in a friends Springfiled GI.

    I'll stick with beavertail.

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    I just got the SA Lightweight Champion Operator and love it. The gun fit my hand better then the colt commander. It also came with the night sights and a rail. (take or leave it thats on you) I use it for carry and as a bedside gun so the rail was a good bonus for me. However, finding a holster has been tough due to the rail. It shoots really well and for once i'm getting soild results at the range vs when I was glocking it up.
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    "It shoots really well and for once i'm getting soild results at the range vs when I was glocking it up."

    Hey moggie6, your comment about your glocking it up days, I too am coming from a glock and wonder am I doing the right thing. Could you elaborate on your experience?

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    Now that I stirred the pot a little with my Ruger plug I will move to the question at hand. I looked at 1911's a couple of years ago and tried many out. At that time the Springfield was the best operating gun and that is what I bought. it is a full size "loaded" edition and shoots like a dream. It is easily the most accurate gun in my collection and I have not tinkered with it at all. Colt makes a fine gun but to me the trigger was very sloppy compared to the Springfield. I would say that you won't go wrong with either one. The bottom line is buy what feels best in your hands. As to the Ruger, obviously I like what I have seen so far and am looking forward to their 'commander" sized gun which is in the works.

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    I would go with Colt as well. Springfield has had some barrel fitting issues in the recent past, have seen too many sheared off lower lugs.

    I don't care for any 1911 that needs tools, or pins to take the gun apart. I wouldn't take most production 1911's these days even if you gave them to me...well ok, if you gave it to me, and I could turn around and sell it right away!

    Either a full size Gov or a Commander are good choices. As for features, that's a personal thing. I would get the gun, shoot it and then decide what's best for your.

    Also, see my post here;

    1911 Virgin (i'm not a chick)

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    I love the Sig P220. However as of late I am looking for a nice Colt 1911. I want to have Colt do their magic on a series 70 once I can find one.

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