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Help with new glock barrel

This is a discussion on Help with new glock barrel within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by AzQkr Go join the Hanson Rod and Gun Club in Hanson, Mass. You can shoot copper jacketed pistol bullets on the indoor ...

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Thread: Help with new glock barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzQkr
    Go join the Hanson Rod and Gun Club in Hanson, Mass.

    You can shoot copper jacketed pistol bullets on the indoor range, and you can set your targets up on the outdoor range at any distance you care to shoot at.

    Ask for Paul, the pres., he's there every Sunday morning while they are serving breakfast at the clubhouse. Tell him Brownie sent ya, he'll be happy to take care of the paperwork to join.

    No mag or ammo restrictions in the mags, shoot as fast as you want and load the high caps to full capacity. Marshfield has always been the type of range that makes it hard for people like us to practice realistically and have fun.

    Thanks Brownie

    I've heard nothing but good things about Hanson. I'll look into asap.

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    I was the sgt at arms for the club for years and ran the MG shoot line security there for some time as well.

    You'll like the place, stay out of the politics there [ like everywhere ], and just use your card key and ID to have a good time. Some simple rules to follow, no one bothers with you as long as you are safe on the line and you can shoot day or night indoors with full access to the indoor range and gate 24/7 with the membership.

    Paul is a good friend of mine, see him, mention my name and you'll be taken care of.

    Stay sharp

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    My advice

    1. Don't go with ported barrels for carry (this has already been covered by other posters);

    2. Find another range -- since this is your carry pistol, you want to shoot what you carry so you will know precisely how it performs in terms of POA vs. POI, and whatever other factors might come into play here (although I can't think of any others ATM).

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    Am I missing something about the picture of the blown-up barrel? It had nothing to do with shooting lead bullets in a Glock, right?

    I noticed the text on the pic--shooting a round through behind a squib would be disastrous regardless the bullet or barrel!

    Plated or jacketed bullets are recommended for Glock barrels. The best explanation I find is from Glockmeister:

    Enjoy your 30!

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    Quote Originally Posted by p8riot
    I have one ported Glock (an 18C) it is a full size select fire 9mm handgun. It is cool as hell when in full auto (even if it wasn't ported).

    Nevertheless, I am not fond of carrying a ported pistol as a CCW weapon due to the fact that I have old eyes and the flash factor would blind me at night. There are other reasons folks don't like to carry ported weapons; ports need extra cleaning, and if you carry it in a pocket or purse any junk that it comes in contact with could foul the ports, but if it works for you, more power to ya. It's mostly personal preference.
    You have a Glock 18? You are my hero!
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