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This is a discussion on Hi Points within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I dunno...I kind of appreciate firearms with good balance. point-ability, and great ergonomic design and I also prefer that all of my my firearm slides ...

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Thread: Hi Points

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    I dunno...I kind of appreciate firearms with good balance. point-ability, and great ergonomic design and I also prefer that all of my my firearm slides be fabricated from this metal called "Steel" and not Zinc Die-cast AKA Pot Metal.

    So...call me a "gun snob" and count me out as a Hi-Point shopper. My feelings won't be hurt in the least.

    I mean there are some people that think that Day~Glo paintings of Elvis done on black velvet are great art...personally I don't think so but, it takes all sorts of people to make the world go 'round.

    My personal opinion is that they are unbalanced, awkwardly top heavy, & clunky which makes them not suitable for serious daily carry and (before somebody sez it) NO...I wouldn't want to stand in front of one and get shot with a Hi~Point but, I wouldn't want to stand still and get stabbed in the eye socket with a pencil either...and pencils only cost a Nickel.

    So I leave you with..."Whatever Floats Your Boat" Stay Safe & Enjoy yer Hi-Point.
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    I like green.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadsnugun View Post
    I like green.
    Well truth is I like red, my Marine Corps color is red, you should prefer red, green stinks how can you like green, get with the program get with red because I like red.
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    A few years back a guy at the range broke out an old HiPoint 9mm carbine. It looked like it had been thru hell and back- pretty beat up. Loaded it up and shot off multiple rounds and no issues. At the distance we were shooting, less than 50 yards, this rifle was very accurate. I would consider one of these carbines in 9mm or .45 so that I could run my handgun ammo through a rifle if the need every arose.
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    I'm going to get a C9 as soon as I have a bored bengie laying around.
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    I have never owned one, but did hold one, and did not like the feel of it, however if it was that or a slingshot, for HD,,,, would not b a question.....fixed budgets and tight on money can b a factor, just thankfull it is not a factor for me, and i do not have to make that choice. that said, it is your money, spend it how ya want, or save a little longer n get something different.
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    After reading this thread looks like i'll add a hi-point carbine and a hi-point 380 to my list, the carbine sounds cool and when i spend money on something like that, i want a nail driving ar 15, ill get the 380 for thee wife, it will collect dust for a while till she gets into guns, then ill get her a s&w

    Btw, hi-point has succeded, look at everybody talking about hi-points, good or bad i would be tilcked pink about it if i were my company
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    I agree the carbines; they do shoot well,,, they sell near $300 besides
    I love guns even cheap ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistola View Post
    I think of them as the Bic lighter of handguns. They are inexpensive,work fine for a while......
    Yep and then if they quit working you call them, send it back, they fix it for no charge and send it back with a new magazine. I have a JHP45, it is a little heavy but not any heavier than some of the large frame revolvers I have owned and shot. I cant begin to tell you how many rounds I have put through it, carried in my truck, carried on almost everyone of our farm tractors. I absolutely love it. This last christmas we were back outside of Washington DC with some family friends having a day at the range. One of our friends 16 year old daughter wanted to shoot it after watching me and my wife shoot it. She ran about 100 rounds through it, was blowing out the center of the targets, it failed to feed right one time and I asked her to hold it tighter, after that it didnt fail at all. If you are limp wristed you may have problems with it failing to feed, but if you get a good grip on it, it wont let you down. I am not saying you have to lock up and be ridgid just have a good grip like you would with any pistol. For the money they cant be beat. I bought a couple of carbines a 9mm and a 40sw at a gunshow, one was missing a couple of the sight pieces. I contacted Hi-Point and they sent me everything I asked for, no questions asked. I never filled out a warranty registation card or anything. They stand behind their product because it is that good. You cant find any other gun companies like that. You can knock them but you cant beat them.

    I own quite a few different firearms, and in the Corps I fired expert with everything I touched. I love 1911's but unless you drop a couple more grand in them after the purchase you might as well be throwing bricks or hope the sounds scares the bad guy. My JHP is now my house/car gun, after everything I have put it through it has earned the right. I was just hoping on this forum to not have to deal with gun snobs, because so much I have read here has been good, thought out and informative but I guess Hi Points will always carry the weight of people predisposed to dislike that which they really have no experience of. No disrespect meant to anyone, I didnt come here to make enemies, and I do hope to make friends.
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    ADHD warning: user did not read entire thread.

    I've noticed a small following of people toting their hi points. while the majority of people bash them I have seen more and more people on other forums such as the high road and the firing line that have had similar and even better experiences than the OP. hickok45 on youtube actually drives nails with his hipoint 45. they are big, blocky, ugly, and horrible if you are thinking about concealed carry but they have a lifetime warranty, they always go bang and they always hit what you point them at. I know a guy that bought a hipoint c9 with the sole intention of destroying it until HP refused to replace it. he has done the 1000 round glock test, run over it with a full sized SUV, thrown it off a cliff, etc... it's been back to HP for at least a dozen trips and they always fix it free of charge with no questions asked and they give him a few mags for his trouble(he has an entire shoebox full of them to prove it).

    it's no M&P or sig but it's definitely an option for shooters with a strict budget.
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