I need a little help making a decision.

I need a little help making a decision.

This is a discussion on I need a little help making a decision. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm about to move down to Atlanta in the fall for school, and at present I own a 20 gauge shotgun, a 1911, and an ...

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Thread: I need a little help making a decision.

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    I need a little help making a decision.

    I'm about to move down to Atlanta in the fall for school, and at present I own a 20 gauge shotgun, a 1911, and an SP 101.

    Now here comes the conundrum, I haven't been able to find a summer job at all aside from a gun-show I'm working with my LGS because they need someone to fill in (hanging around at a gun store can come in handy like that ) and I have a Glock 19 on layaway that I was planning on financing with my some of my summer funds which are pretty much going to be non-existant now.

    My options are that I can sell my Xbox and use the proceeds from this weekend's gun show to bring it off the shelf, OR I can sell back the SP 101 on a trade for the Glock as I have far less money sunk in it than my 1911 (a box of ammo and 2 holsters for the Ruger vs 3 holsters several boxes of SD ammo and several wilson/tripp mags for the 1911 plus the 1911 was my first pistol). I haven't really felt absolutely secure only carrying 5 rounds as it seems that if it ever came to it that 5 shots would pretty much be gone in an instant and if I have multiple assailants (the recent MARTA beating of the flight attendants comes to mind) that I would have to make every shot count and even then it wouldn't be enough.

    My reasoning is that a G19 is ultra-reliable like a revolver, faster on follow-up shots than the .357 I currently use, and when I'm at my apartment I can put a TLR1s on it to make it an HD gun. It's just as light as the SP101 with three times the ammo to boot. But I would have to sink another $100 on a holster, $100 of so on a TLR1s light, and $85 for Trijicon night sights, though those could be had over a substantial time-frame as funds become available.

    I suppose that the rational choice is to trade the SP101, pay off my credit card with this week-end's gunshow and sell the xbox for reserve funds, but I'm conflicted as I really do like the little SP 101. Anyone have any input?

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    I can only answer as "if I were in your shoes" but I would make some effort to keep the SP-101. It is a simple, effective, proven revolver and with a substantial following.

    I wish you my best..
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    You will probably regret selling the SP later on. I did and had to eventually get another one.

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    Wow! You want the members of this forum to help you decide which gun to scarifice and the options are a 1911, Ruger SP 101, shotgun, and a GLOCK 19? Each are favorites in their class by most of the members here.

    The 1911 is your first gun, I say hang on to it. The Ruger is a great, reliable, proven pistol that is hard for me to recommend parting with. The shotgun is a superb HD weapon, not to mention a great tool for hunting things that taste like chicken, a damn good gun to have around. Now the GLOCK 19, I'm biased but, it's the best damn 9mm on the planet. I gonna suggest getting rid of the XBOX, but mostly 'cause I'm a PS3 owner (enough about the network hack, I know). Another thing though, the GLOCK 19 you do not have yet so it won't be hard to part with, if you can get your money back from the layaway I'd say wait on getting the GLOCK they'll be around when you can afford to get one.
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    If it were me...the X- Box would already be gone and there would be no way I would part with my sp101, not a chance. 5 shots of .357 mag is plenty for me. Personally I would sell my glocks before I sold my SP
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    Get rid of the xbox.

    Use the shotgun for home defense (trade if for a 12 later on)

    Sell the 1911 with all the accessories. Sounds like it's an emotional keeper, so what if it was your first handgun.

    Keep the revolver. Every desk needs a simple and ready to go gun under it.

    Get the G19. It's cheaper to practice with and larger capacity than the others. Easy to carry.

    Look for a job at a gunshop or range where you can get discounts.

    Did I already say get rid of the x-box?

    That would be my plan.

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    What's more important to you, another gun, or the XBOX?

    I'd be selling the XBOX, and NOT buying the G19, get something better, there are many to choose from.

    Did I mention, you'll regret selling the SP101, so....don't.
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    Keep all you have and slowly acquire the G-19...you'll regret selling the SP101...it's a tank.
    I'd sell the shottie before I'd sell the Ruger.
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    I was going to say what Ret did. ^^^

    for sure, sell the x-box.

    I'd sell the shotgun, before the SP101, they're a lot easier to replace. Plus, you may want to go for a 12 gauge in the future.
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    Your asking guys on a gun forum to pick between an X-box versus a handgun?

    You know the X Box will have to go then

    Just out of curiousity how often do you use the X box? If your using it all the time then keep it. How often do you carry your SP101 and where? Do you go out in the woods at all?

    I know this won't be the most popular answer, but I had an Sp101 and really don't miss it. Yes they are built like tanks but just to heavy and big compared to other snubs out there. Plus as you mentioned 15+1rds vs 5rds gives a serious edge to the Glock for CC or while working at the gun store.

    Just my thoughts. let us know, what you decide to do?
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    What do you use more? The X box or the Ruger? Sell the lesser used item.

    If it were up to me though I'd sell the Xbox. The Ruger will last a lifetime and your grand-kids will be shooting it after you're gone. The Xbox will be obsolete in two years and will be replaced by the next big thing.
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    Yeah sell the XBox...assuming you'll be in a dorm, there should be scores of other kids playing with them that will let you have a round or two of Black Ops or whatever game is your flavor.

    On the other note, possibly look into finding a job on campus or close to it...you can make the extra money in no time and afford the G19 at that point. I went to a fairly expensive private college and graduated in 4 years while working up to 4 jobs at once. You can do it with a little determination and youthful exuberance!

    In the meantime, you seem to already have the hang of running your 1911 and SP101 as a CCW so you should be fine. Not to mention if you were about to get gang mobbed, you will still take a few of them to their graves if they stupidly try to make you defend yourself. At best, you get off all 8 shots into 8 BGs...at worst you get at least 1 BG...most likely you will scare them off or at least buy yourself a chance to escape/call 911.

    If all else fails...there is always the Gigolo profession...I knew one guy in college that was working that with all the older housewives in town, he drove a BMW 3-series and told me how he afforded it...sadly, I never broke into the business.

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    get the money back from layaway and wait, thats the thing with glocks, their all the same
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    I say sell the X-Box and the shottie and pick up the Glock 19. If you will be in a dorm room enviornment, are you gonna have the space to be swinging that shottie around if it came to that? I remember dorm room sizes being comparable to my kitchen size now. Not exactly extra roomy!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleipnir View Post
    . I haven't really felt absolutely secure only carrying 5 rounds as it seems that if it ever came to it that 5 shots would pretty much be gone in an instant and if I have multiple assailants (the recent MARTA beating of the flight attendants comes to mind) that I would have to make every shot count and even then it wouldn't be enough.
    25 bucks says that horde of teens would have turned tail and ran as fast as they could the second that SP-101 went off with a full house load in the cylinder. I say keep the 101. It's more firepower then I think your giving it credit for and a nice deeper concealment piece then the 1911 or Glock 19 will be.
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