Summer gun???

Summer gun???

This is a discussion on Summer gun??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys I may be looking for a new summer gun, currently have a Kimber Ulta 1911, bersa thunder, Springfield V10. Not sure if I ...

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Thread: Summer gun???

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    Summer gun???

    Hey guys I may be looking for a new summer gun, currently have a Kimber Ulta 1911, bersa thunder, Springfield V10. Not sure if I can find anything really that much smaller than my Kimber that is a caliber I want to carry. I like my Bersa just not sold on the 380. I have had Kahr pm and P series. Easy to carry. hard on big hands to shoot and did have issues with both. Looking at a kahr mk9 but not sure bout ease of carry it weighs within 3oz of the Kimber . You guys have any thoughts? Looking at maybe a j-frame, they just don't appeal too much to me, not sure why? I cary the Kimber most days, office job, gun friendly but looking for something to throw in the pocket or iwb that's easy to take care of and light weigth for shorts. Looking at pps and g26, but will look at all options,26 seems fat for iwb. Too many decisions. Give me your thoughts, I appreciate it. Joell33

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    S&W M&P 340. Five rounds of .357 Mag or .38 Special if you're a wimp like me. This little thing is a rocket!
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    G26 is my vote. I am new to CC and also thought it would be a little on the wide side. I have a high noon hidden ally holster and it carries great. I have a lcp on my side now but thats because I am testing the waters at work. As soon as im more at ease I will carry my 26 every day.

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    I think Glocks actually like sweat... I am reluctantly putting the 1911 back into safe until fall.
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    I carry a SIG 1911, Officer's model under 2X colored untucked T-shirts and 2X untucked floral print botton shirts. I use a IWB Comp-tac holster. The grip is the part that you have to worry about concealing and the SIGs officers grip, with the thin grip panels, is within a couple of millimeters in all diminsions of the KAHR. I know as I have both. The KAHR is a nice carry, but I do prefer the 1911 style platform.

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    For pocket duty:

    Snubbie of your choice (IF it will fit - they don't work for me)
    LCP or P3at
    If you have the $$$ - Rohrbaugh R9
    Diamondback DB9 (but beware it is brand new and will likely have teething issues, like all new guns)
    If you're willing to wait and have the $$$ - Boberg XR9s

    On the reference sub-forum, los has made some great size comparison charts. Your desire to pocket carry the gun at times limits the size to what I listed above, or similar.

    Now, I know there are some who pocket carry larger/heavier handguns...but not me.
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    I have a P45 that is just a little bigger than the P9 you had, much bigger for my XL size hands. 18.5 oz empty, easy to conceal almost anywhere on you body and it shoots like a dream.

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    I try to carry my 3" Raptor most of the time, but sometimes it's great to slip my Beretta .32 into my pocket (also great back up gun). Very reliable and accurate.
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    I recently got a Rohrbaugh R9S and its a great summer in front pocket (with a Recluse holster) carry. I had been carrying a 642 in front pocket and also a Kel-tec 3AT. The mag had released a few times so I decided to get the Rohrbaugh (that mag won't release in pocket). I also carry a EMP9 iwb but my hip and leg on carry side have really been bothering me. I had to quit carrying iwb and also owb. Pocket is a lot better.

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    I bought the S&W Bodyguard 380 (flawless so far with 400 range rounds through it) but my wife decided she wanted more than I so after cowering in the corner scared for my own saftey I went and started looking for another. I have been drawn to the 380 desert eagle makes but it carries a little more price tag than I like. But have plenty of time to look until I either find one I like better are save a little more cash to take the bite of the price of the Eagle.

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    Easy choice for me. Either my 1911, or my Kahr CW45. Same guns year around.
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    If not a J-Frame..either a 357 LCR, an SP101 or go with the G26. Good Luck.
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    Kahr CW45. Thin, light, and 6+1 rounds of .45. Maybe too big for most pockets. That or a S&W 442.

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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    Your gun is not a fashion statement that you change with the seasons...
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    If you have a good carry system, you can carry anything; anytime
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