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Fnh Fnp40

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Thread: Fnh Fnp40

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    Fnh Fnp40

    I have been looking at these for while now and I think that I am have finally made my mind up that I am going to get a FNH FNP40. I have been comparing it to other hand guns of the same size and caliber, and I have found nothing that even compares to the FNP40, with the exception of a Sig, but I really don't want to spend that much money. I just wanted to get some of your guys opions on them since it is knida hard to find any reviews on the internet. I would like to hear any thoughts that you guys might have about the FNP40.

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    Never shot one, but it's a fine looking handgun. Do they have a decocker on this model? Looks like it from the photo I was looking at...

    FN has a fine reputation. These guns are pretty new, so there's not a lot written about them yet, but everything I can find is positive so far.
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    Favorable review posted elsewhere on FNP 40

    Comment on FNP 40

    "FN's new handgun to be released in June

    This is an updated version of the FNP-9. The updates are a redesigned hammer-drop and blackened barrel, slide stop lever, magazine release, take-down lever and blacked extractor.

    The slide is stainless steel that has been treated with Diamond-Tungsten-Carbide, which is extremely hard and is black in color.

    The single action trigger pull is a crisp 3½ pounds, the gun ships with 3 16 round magazines.

    I contacted FN Herstal USA and they told me the gun will be out in May or June of this year. They said the 40 will be out before the 9mm version. The FNP40 has a magazine capacity of 14 rounds. FN is also dropping the price $30, so more than likely dealers will be selling them for $369. When Glock first came on the market, they low-balled everybody to get the guns to sell quickly.

    I've only corresponded with 3 people who have owned them, and everybody agrees the gun is a tack driver.

    My observations about the gun:

    -Magazine feeds bullets directly into chamber, the feed ramp really isn't really needed, but is there "just in case".

    -The extractor is a freaking monster. The extractor hook is as large as a Makarov extractor, plus it is external and pokes out revealing a loaded chamber indicator.

    -The gun is very slim and is similar in size to a Glock 19.

    -The trigger pull has by far the best single action pull of any production handgun I have ever felt.

    -Short trigger reset.

    -All metal magazines

    -Low bore axis

    -Metal recoil guide rod, self contained flat recoil spring.

    -Interchangeable backstraps. The gun comes with an arched and a flat backstrap.

    I was able to field-strip the gun and the innards are very stout. This gun is a sleeper, when the magazines review it and word of mouth spreads, this gun will be very hard to upset."

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