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Compensated Glocks: Fact VS. Myth

This is a discussion on Compensated Glocks: Fact VS. Myth within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; RSSZ more or less covered what I was trying to convey. True retention positions must be practiced. I don't practice them as much as I ...

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Thread: Compensated Glocks: Fact VS. Myth

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    RSSZ more or less covered what I was trying to convey. True retention positions must be practiced. I don't practice them as much as I should but I've done enough of it, as it is, to know it works and needs to be done sometimes. I would probably relegate one of these firearms to a target-shooting role and leave my H&K for taking out the trash.

    Trust me - "cutting the pie" is an outstanding tactic that should be practiced and practiced to death. However, there are times when it is better to peek from a retention in your weak hand (or cutting just may not be possible). Those are the times when you'll want a normal handgun.
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    A couple of other things to ponder...

    Shooting from a barricade or inside a door frame...
    that muzzle blast can get bothersome real quick.

    I once shot a ported .357 using a pine tree as a rest. Big mistake. The resulting flash had enough force to spit bark right into my eye. Even though I was wearing sun glasses at the time, some bark still found a way to get in there and it hurt. I had to stop what I was doing.

    Doing tactical training from within a house. Someone shooting beside you with a ported weapon can be very very distracting...and you'd better have eye protection on... those unburnt grains of powder that come flying out of there can make it feel like you are getting sandblasted.

    As already mentioned, firing from retention posititon. The last thing one needs is fire under your armpit.

    Some of the newer firing techniques include drawing and firing from a natural fisted position...meaning that the gun will not be vertical but rather at an angle...almost a .45 degree angle...what we call gangbanger style. It is quick. A ported gun will put the flame right in your field of view...and although you arent using the sights, it can be distracting when rapid firing.

    I realize that most people here wont ever get into that type of situation in training but it is important to be aware of the possible ramifications of carrying a ported gun. It can be a very real possibility that one may fire from cover or a barricaded position, in which case the ported weapon will definatley not be the best tool for the job.

    Im sure there will be those that argue otherwise, but it is the principal reason that very few Police Depts use ported guns.
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    I never could figure out why people had night sights on a weapon with a comp'ed bbl. A comp is kinda like the ANTI-nightsight.

    For competition ....maybe. For hunting ....understandable.

    As I've said before,the people that feel that they ABSOLUTELY need a comp on a pistol or revo,might just need to step down in caliber/power to regain that quick follow up shot. Especially for those .357 mag snubbie carriers or the 10mm people. These two are fine weapons but if ya gotta have someone cut holes in your bbl to tame the flip(of course this will also reduce the velocity),don't be shy,step down. --------

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