New...also have a few ?

New...also have a few ?

This is a discussion on New...also have a few ? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well im new to cc just got my first permit today as well as my first handgun. i have been doin alot of reading on ...

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Thread: New...also have a few ?

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    New...also have a few ?

    Well im new to cc just got my first permit today as well as my first handgun. i have been doin alot of reading on this site to deside between the glock 23 and glock 27. well today i purchased the glock23 and i was wonderin wut was a good edc iwb holster. also iim about 6'2 and 270lbs and so far i havent found a good way to concil without a noticable print. any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Trail and error was I had to do. I finally found a holster that I thought was comfortable and concealed well. I bought the crossbreed supertuck but it met an untimely demise. I now am waiting on a MTAC holster ( Inside Waistband Holsters - ). Right now I am using a brandless singlehook IWB until the MTAC arrives. You may try going up one size on your shirts and trying patterns versus solid t's. If its not blistering hot maybe even an over shirt.
    Some holster are adjustable to sit deeper in your waistband are ride higher play. Some have adjustable cants and some have both. There are many listed right at the top of the page as sponsors
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the permit and the Glock!

    Concerning the printing; I think it depends of how you dress. I do not wear oversized clothes or dress around the gun, and then I have a very hard time concealing the G-19 (same size than the G-23). I can conceal a 1911 without problems, but not the G-19; and I better forget about tucking my shirt. With untucked shirt it works a little better if I carry it SOB, but not much.

    You perhaps can test to carry it at around 4:30-5:00 and see how it feels. If you tuck your shirt, it also helps a little is if you have a slim holster with the clip arm offset away from the gun and not on it.
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    I'm 6'-2" and 275 and I've been carrying for years with a Comp-Tac CTAC holster and a G19. Great combination and don't forget a good belt. I've had several and always go back to my beltman belt. is the web site. Don't cheap out on the belt that's just as important as a good holster, it distributes the weight around your waist and it doesn't feel like you have an anchor on one side.

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    I'm new to guns and carrying. Earlier this month, I purchased a Gen4 Glock 19 and BlackHawk serpa holster. The holster will work for matches but I do not like the way it looks with shorts and tee shirt. Therefore, I'm looking at other options especially IWB. Good luck with your search and your new Glock.

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    Shop in here...see Fist's #1A...HOLSTERS
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    I'm curious to hear conceal holster ideas for this size Glock as well, but Cattus Vir, I gotta ask...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cattus Vir View Post
    ...I bought the crossbreed supertuck but it met an untimely demise...
    could you elaborate on the "untimely demise" of your SuperTuck??
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    You will find that with a minor alteration of your wardrobe, you can conceal even the largest handguns. You just have to decide if fashion is more important than carrying.
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    You've received some good recommendations between the FIST and Mtac (Pure Kustom are also very nice). I own all of them. One thing to consider is whether you want a two-clip/loop style or single clip. The double clips tend to offer more stability forward and aft, but take more time to put on and take off. The single clips are great for 'grab & go', but the trade off is less stability. Also, depending on where you're going to carry it, consider cant. I like a heavy cant, as it conceals well and doesn't affect my draw. Finally, think about whether you want 'tuckable' or not. I've tried to do tuckable, but I just can't stand having my shirt bloused out that far, so it's a rare occasion when I do. BTW, I really do find myself using the FIST #1A more than any other. I have one for all of my Glocks.

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    Get a quality holster (I get my leather holsters from Nate at UBG Holsters ) and a good gun belt (see Nate's belts). Do not use a regular belt and cinch it down; it's uncomfortable and won't encourage you to carry, because it hurts. You need a good belt as a stable platform for your holster.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Congrats on your permit and welcome to the forum.

    There are many fine holsters out there. I personally like a tuckable holster that allows you to wear a shirt tucked in. I find the Tucker Gun Leather "Cover Up" works well.Positioning of the holster can make a big differences as well as the cant of the holster. I usually carry at the 3:30-4:00 position with a forward cant. That is what I have found works best for me. When searching for your carry rig, don't neglect or skimp on the belt. A good quality gun belt will support your holster and gun, bringing it all together into the right package for you.
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    Check out Dale Fricke's holsters. I've bought several products from him and they are all fantastic.

    Edit: You might also want to consider appendix IWB carry. It takes a little getting used to, but I can't find any other way to carry a gun that conceals so well or put the gun in such an accessible location. Just be sure to get a holster that completely covers the trigger!
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    I am currently carrying my .357 snub, but I use a N82 IWB holster. Fits wonderfully, holds the weapon very firmly in place, and is extremely easy to draw from.

    I'm going to be purchasing one soon for my full size 24/7 pro, I just have to pry that one away from the missus long enough to try it out at the LGS.

    And, another tip; I'm 6'2", and between 300-325. I wear jeans, an undershirt, and an un-tucked polo, and nobody knows the difference. My fiancee didn't know that I was carrying until I showed her after we got home one day.
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    Size does matter

    Congratulations on deciding to carry, but unfortunately I have not found any way to comfortably and continuously carry a wide handgun like a Glock and still have it concealed in any kind of weather. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking Glock, as I own 7 of them in various calibers as well as numerous other handguns. I just have never found a way to carry a wide heavy handgun all the time and especially wearing shorts and a tee shirt in 100+ degree heat. Holsters are not comfortable and unless your wardrobe consists of long baggy Hawaiian shirts the gun outline tends to telescope through. Holsters inside the pants, especially the one that hangs on a fake pager look great, but try and sit down for any period of time with one on your privates.

    That's the reason I carry a Walther PPS, because it is so narrow it fits comfortably in my pocket. I carried a Walther PPK/S for years before the PPS came out for the same reason. If I ever need it I can draw faster from my pocket than someone with a holster under a shirt. When walking through a parking lot at night I just look like an old fart with my hands in my pocket. If you cannot carry comfortably you won't carry all the time. If you cannot carry all the time then what's the point. If I knew when I would need my gun then I wouldn't be there in the first place.

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    My favorite IWBs are MTAC, Crossbreed Super Tuck, and CTAC in that order. That said, and over thirty years of filling up holster drawers, I will be trying others, like the Fist, as soon as she lets me keep some of my money. Welcome and enjoy the journey.
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