Shot my birthday gift

Shot my birthday gift

This is a discussion on Shot my birthday gift within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I shot my G36... Finally! I am on crutches, so, It was a pain to carry 5 lbs of ammo out of wally world,lol. I ...

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Thread: Shot my birthday gift

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    Red face Shot my birthday gift

    I shot my G36... Finally! I am on crutches, so, It was a pain to carry 5 lbs of ammo out of wally world,lol. I crutched on in to my local indoor range( it was real nice, I had never shot there before) and shot 200 WWB rounds with no hiccups. This is my 1st Glock and the 1st time I had ever shot more than a few rounds through one. I loved it, it was a sweet shooter, and recoil was nothing. So, I guess I have drinking the kool aid, lol
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    I thought this was gonna be about you shooting something someone gave you, that you did not like!!

    Shot my birthday gift

    Glad you had fun.
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you can lose the sticks soon.
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    Happy Birthday! I purchased my first Glock (gen 4 19) on June 1, 2011. I had hoped to add a Glock 36, within the next six weeks, to use for EDC. My reason for the 36 -- A neighbor (Marine/Korean Vet) who has spend his entire life shooting and reloading gave me about 1,500 rounds of reloaded 45 caliber ammo. Someone told me that shooting reloads, especially in a Glock, is not advisable. I started a thread Reloads need thoughts on use of the ammunition and ballistic section seeking advice.
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    Glad you like the Glock-36...sweet grip...dependable 'large hole' will make an excellent EDC.
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    The G36 is a excellent carry gun. I don't carry mine that often anymore, but only because I prefer my revolvers over my autos. Enjoy your new pistol, and Happy BD BTW.
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    First, congrats on the birthday.

    Second, this is a perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with shootings tactics under "less the ideal" conditions. Shooting a handgun while attempting to balance on crutches as you've found out can be....different. And unless you plan on never leaving the house while on crutches or not carrying while on crutches, it's important you at least familiarize yourself with the different tactics needed.

    I remember having my arm in a sling (same arm as my shooting hand). I basically made myself learn to shoot with my weak hand (and drawing with weak hand). It took awhile and I never did become comfortable with my accuracy, but it is a skill that I had let die from lack of use and now try to at least occasionally shoot a magazine or two weak handed to stay current.

    Here's hoping you get rid of the crutches soon.
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