Do guns hold their value?

Do guns hold their value?

This is a discussion on Do guns hold their value? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you buy a gun and use it for a couple of months and then decide you don't like it and you take it back ...

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Thread: Do guns hold their value?

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    Do guns hold their value?

    If you buy a gun and use it for a couple of months and then decide you don't like it and you take it back to the dealer and have them sell it for you or you trade it in what kind of value can you expect to get?
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    Yes they will depreciate. To give an example, I bought a Remington 870 12ga, 20" barrel, rifle sights, Rem choke shotgun brand new for $260. I sold it to Gander Mountain for $150 and they had it on the shelf the next day for $200. I never fired it.

    Get a copy of The Gun Blue Book or Blue Book of Gun Values, something along those lines. They will give values for used guns. Even if you never fire a shot, it will be considered used.

    You are better off selling it on your own and not trading it in or selling it to your dealer.
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    TJ - much will depend on what you buy - of course. Make will determine for most part the degree of depreciation - or in some cases appreciation.

    For example - a semi like a Bersa tho a reliable gun will lose quite a bit of value possibly - whereas a SIG, HK and many top 1911's will not lose so much. Private sale always best to get your best return.

    Appreciation can occur with older and desirable pieces like older Smith revo's - their prices have been tending to climb.
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    Depends on the gun and the market. Usually, I've found that a gun a few months old -- I'll have to lose some money if I need rid of it. If I can hold it 5 years, maybe not.
    The big names do better. A S&W or Colt will hold better than a Glock or Kel-Tec. Nothing against either one (and I carry a Kel-Tec) but it's just what people want and what's moving in the market.
    A year ago, a relatively recent Winchester 30-30 was really not worth much.... now, with Winchester closed, they're suddenly valuable.
    I try to rent or borrow when I can to try something out. If not possible, then I try to have the funds available to hold the gun for a bit if I don't like it.
    A whole lot depends on whether you've got a relationship built up with a local dealer.
    My 2 cents worth on the gun market....
    Edited to add: "What P95 said" - he answered a bit faster than I did. Next time I get to PA, I am going to tell him to quit doing that!!!!

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    most the time you lose money if its only a couple months old now wait 5 years and almost never lose money

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    Believe me, my wife will tell you that they definitely depreciate!
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    This year on guns purchase after Jan. 1 and then sold. I have made money on 3 and taken a beating on 2. Why? The three I made money on I sold to individuals and the nearest guns shop is over 50 miles. They also don't have to go through the pain of filling out the BATF paperwork. On the two I took a beating on, I needed to get rid of them and no one wanted to buy. I took them to a gunshow and did the best I could.

    Dealers have to make money too. If a dealer buys a gun at $200 and sells it for $300 he has made money. If you want to sell it back to him what will he pay? Obviously he will pay less than $200 because he can buy another new one for that. He also has to think of what he can sell the used gun for, so he offers you $150. That way he can mark it at $250 and have some negotiating room. I crack up when someone tries to sell a dealer a gun for just a few dollars less than he paid for it and then gets mad because the dealer doesn't care if it has had only 10 rounds through it. It's amazing how many people cannot understand that a dealer is not going to pay you more for a used gun than a new one costs him.

    So I took my beating, bought my wife a new pistol and came home. She was happy, I was happy.

    The only way to come close to recovering your money on a recently purchased pistol is to deal with an individual.

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    The bottom line... it all depends on how much you paid for a gun when you bought it and the going price for a new one when you sell it.

    Lets say you get lucky, make a good deal on a pistol and buy a gun for $300 that usually sells for closer to $500. You can turn that gun around quickly and probably break even or make a few bucks because a dealer will have wiggle room. On the other hand, pay full retail or a premium for any gun and you will probably have a long wait before you can hope to break even, if ever, much less make a profit. Also, as someone already been pointed out, you'll usually do better selling to an individual than to a dealer.

    Personally, I buy every gun I own with the intention of keeping it until I'm either too old to shoot it or plan to pass it along to a family member or friend. I do have some guns that I would sell if the chance presented itself, but only if I get a price I feel is fair. If that means keeping a gun for another 5 or 10 years, so be it. Anyway, don't buy any gun with the idea of selling or trading it and making a profit (or even breaking even) in the short term.

    Still, sometimes a gun just doesn't fit the purpose we thought it would when we got it. Be prepared to take a reasonable loss to get rid of it if you really need to dispose of your gun quickly... It's just like buying a new car and driving it off the lot.
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