McCormick (MCC) now has black, 8 rd PowerMags at an introductory price of $23.95. And since all orders over $10 ship free, there's no shipping fee.

He also has stainless PowerMags+. One thing that is different about the PowerMags+ is the follower - the+ follower is aluminum frame safe!

Since I have black Kimbers, I wanted black mags, but they are all aluminum frames so I needed a safe follower. I phoned MCC, and explained my problem. They said they'd sell me the black PowerMags with the + follower and spring at no charge! That's a standard deal BTW.

So here's what the stock and MCC mags look like side by side:

mags side by side by ron.0000, on Flickr

Here's how the mags compare in a Tactical Pro II:
The stock Kimber mag:

Stock mag in Tactical Pro II by ron.0000, on Flickr

and the MCC mag:

MCM PwrMag in Tactical Pro II by ron.0000, on Flickr

Here's a look at the difference in the followers. The MCC is in the front; the Kimber stock mag behind it:

Follower comparison-2 by ron.0000, on Flickr

If you need the best mag, that's aluminum frame safe, at the best price, this is a no-brainer.