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Took Wife to I have caliber questions.

This is a discussion on Took Wife to I have caliber questions. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by DizTbone Thx, Doc, et al. I hope she stays away from anything more expensive than the SW99c... I have been quoted less ...

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Thread: Took Wife to I have caliber questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DizTbone
    Thx, Doc, et al. I hope she stays away from anything more expensive than the SW99c... I have been quoted less than $525 for the SW...I'm thinking the SIG's are much more.... I gotta save enough to get my own single action 9mm! But, whatever she settles on, I'll have my guy check the price.

    The CZ RAMI might be a real contender if she can fondle one. I have seen one and like the feel of it. After doing some reading, I think we'll steer clear of the Taurus line for now...though, what a great value price point! Of course, the CZ RAMI I saw had a nice price, too.

    If you can find a Certified Preowned SIG the prices are better. Or if you can stumble into a deal like I got. The P239 in .357SIG I bought at a gun show for $475. It was not a Certified Preowned. From the looks of it someone bought it and immediately put Hogues on it then went to try it. He opened up one mag loaded 7 rounds in it and fired them. Decided he did not like it and traded it to the dealer that I bought it from. The sticker from the original dealer is still on the end of the box - $629.

    The only wear on the gun was where the barrel rides in the slide and all SIGs have the black rubbed off the barrel there. The surface that show through the ejector port starts to lose black as soon as the slide is operated. This pistol had one minor mark on that surface. In the first picture below you can see the wear on the 9mm pistol which is the lower one. You can't tell much about the 357SIG in that picture, but look at the second one. You can get that kind of wear just hand operating the slide.

    Not everybody is going to find a deal like that, but there are good pistols out there available at good prices.

    That said, I recommended the RAMI to begin with and still think it is a great choice. I have not fired one, but everything I hear and read about them is good. I have talked to a couple of people who have them and they could not be more pleased.

    I wish you success.

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    We just got back from the range trip. In addition to having some fine Greek/Mediterranean food, complete with a Turkish coffee, we got to shoot!

    The wife started out the the Glock 19...since it was "Glock Day" and the ammo was free. (My favorite price!) She liked the 9x19mm much better than the .40S&W...but thought the grip was too long. Then, she picked up the 26...and her whole hand fits on the grip! I have small hands and can only get two fingers on it. Anyway...she really like the 26. She still wants the SW99c, but said she wouldn't turn her nose up at the 26 if I found a deal.

    Frankly, I liked the 9mm, too. The only .40S&W I've shot that felt as good was the Beretta PX4, but I'm done buying "new" models. It's cheaper, and I like having to stock a standard caliber. Hmmmm...we may have to have a CZ-75 for me and the compact for her. Oh, I do wish Bar-Sto, or someone, would come out with a drop-in 9mm bbl for the XD40SC.

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    Since I've carried one for ages and shot IDPA with it, I vote for the Glock 26 since she likes it; you can't go wrong!

    A big advantage to revolvers and pistols like the Glocks and XDs is simplicity, ease of operation is important at the range and crucial in self-defense.

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    My wife is still doing very well with her G26 300+ rounds now. I agree with Jimmy the Glock is so simple to operate and that was also a deciding factor. My wife can operate the gun from loading the clips to field stripping it. Its the only semi that she could handle so completely.


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