Does your significant other know of ALL your firearms?

This is a discussion on Does your significant other know of ALL your firearms? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Now, I'm not saying to lie to your spouse. I'm wondering, based solely on more ways/options to protect your family/self if the need happens. Possibly ...

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Thread: Does your significant other know of ALL your firearms?

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    Does your significant other know of ALL your firearms?

    Now, I'm not saying to lie to your spouse. I'm wondering, based solely on more ways/options to protect your family/self if the need happens. Possibly a SHTF or bump in the night and your "go-to" is in another room. I'm sure if that scenario occurs, you're less likely to have to sleep on the couch

    The firearm, only YOU know about...does this occur?

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    There are guns she doesnt know about, but I've never lied to her about them. If she asked the right questions she would know all.

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    Wife 1.0 was the type who needed to be fed information on a need-to-know basis, to avoid high-energy freak outs.

    Wife 2.0 sees me being armed as a manly duty, something I'm supposed to do. She knows where the guns are, and knows the quantity approaches the number of pairs of shoes she has. When the dogs howl in the middle of the night, she makes sure I'm awake and alert. Possibly the only quibble she might have is the amount of closet space my ammo, cases and other shooting paraphernalia demand... but that's when we negotiate. (Did I mention how blessed I am to have her in my life?)
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    My wife does not have the slightest idea as to what firearms I own. She does know I purchase firearms all the time. All she questions is the amount I spend if it is correct on the credit card. If she wanted to know, all she would have to do is ask, but she keeps telling me she hates guns and it is my thing. She knew what she was getting into going on 40 years now, she knows I have had guns since 1958 and still have them.
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    Considering we actually trade off who gets to buy the next gun and often buy guns for each other... yeah.. He knows.

    I'm very easy to please and only have a few guns that I've actually wanted and we usually go together to pick them up or he helps me find a good deal on the gun I want. Buying, shooting, training.. has been something we've done together since before we were married. No reason to hide them from him.

    In fact, I know I could tell him tomorrow I wanted XYZ gun and he'd come back in 5 hours with a list of places I could get said gun at used or new at various prices and a map of how we could go and check them out before making my final purchase. Either that or he'd just surprise me and come home with it as a gift as he has done at least twice.

    Yeah.. love that man!!

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    She can't list each make and model like I can, but yes, she knows about all my guns and approves of all my firearm purchases. She owns several of her own as well.
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    She has shot several at one point and shot several others at another time and has never questioned how many. There's a few that are under the radar, particularly the one on order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    She can't list each make and model like I can, but yes, she knows about all my guns and approves of all my firearm purchases. She owns several of her own as well.
    Same at my house. Plus she has her permit as well.
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    She doesn't really know...she doesn't really care. She knows that I'm always armed and has no problem with that. She has her permit, but doesn't really carry much.
    Would she protect against someone entering the home uninvited? Probably...
    Can you tell one Glock from another? It's why I have five of them...
    Can you tell one dress or pair of shoes from another...not really, and I couldn't care less.
    Such is life...
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    No. She knows i have a list though and that I keep adding to it.

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    She is aware of every firearm & knows how to shoot them all proficiently as soon as they become ours.
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    I think she's got guns she's not telling ME about...........
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    She knows about every single one of my firearms...and the fact that every one of them cost exactly $100.
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    We have a small house and a small budget (public employee and college student). One of our favorite things to do is shoot together. She knows how to run all of my guns except the AR. She knows about all of them and where they are. Our money is our money, and as long as we can afford it she doesnt care how many guns I buy. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
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    She knows about all of them. She hijacked my .45 once I got my permit and started carrying my .357 (can't find a really good holster for my .45 yet). She knows the shotgun and hates it, and she knows the .22s, and that they are useless for anything SHE would need a gun for.

    She is very familiar with both handguns, and is a halfway decent shot. I just wish she would train with me a bit more so I would be more comfortable with her using them.
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