NAA .32 H&R Revolver -- New photos

NAA .32 H&R Revolver -- New photos

This is a discussion on NAA .32 H&R Revolver -- New photos within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those following NAA's new project gun, there are new photos:

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Thread: NAA .32 H&R Revolver -- New photos

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    NAA .32 H&R Revolver -- New photos

    For those following NAA's new project gun, there are new photos:
    DDGator (Duane)

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    Thx Duane - good to have fresh pics at last.

    I could very well be ordering one of these next year
    Chris - P95
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    Thanks for posting. Does look interesting. I held an NAA mini, .22 mag in the store the other day. Liked the size but even w/my small hands I couldn't get a grip on it. Maybe this will work. My big question is how thick or wide it'll be compared to a KelTec P3at?



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    its small compared to the taurus 85. That hammer looks mighty wicked.

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    The concept looks pretty interesting over all. They did say they are changing the hammer. Look forward to seeing the production model. Could be a good candidate for a pocket gun.
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    That is very interesting. I would like to see a double action version.

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    Yea, need double action definately. Other than that - I like it.

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    I'm fairly ignorant of that caliber. Where does it stand in relation to others? Are good SD rounds available?
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    yes, 32 mag is a pretty good caliber for defense. federal makes an 85 gr hollow point defensive load, and there are now several other choices because the cowboy action folks use the 32 mag. Henry makes a lever gun for it. I have a ruger in 32. ballistics approach 38 special normal loadings. I would sort of put it between 380 and 38 special. of course, some may feel it isn't enough.
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    I have a couple of them and reload for both. Both are Ruger SA's. They are,as stated almost, a .38 Special. Bore is .312". If you reload, the Hornady 100gr. XTP is great,or a 115gr. hardcast from Beartooth is available.

    Have killed three rather smallish hogs(50-70 pounders) with the weapon and the 115 will go right through.

    Marlin makes a lever in the chambering also.
    The recoil is not near the .38 so great for the ladies.
    Would absolutely love to see the .32 H&R Mag in a small,light,AUTO. --------

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