Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23

Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23

This is a discussion on Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is a carry gun for me so I won't ever alter the action. I want the firing system to be bone stock. I have ...

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Thread: Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23

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    Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23

    This is a carry gun for me so I won't ever alter the action. I want the firing system to be bone stock. I have only added the below sights, extended slide lock and a plug.

    I ALWAYS add night sight to any gun that will be used for home defense or as a CCW gun.

    I bought this Glock 23 gen 4 about three months ago and have run almost 1000 rounds of FMJ and 250 rounds of 180 grain Gold Dots. The only issue I had was it was ejecting brass back at my head with WWB ammo. A quick disassembly and cleaning of the extractor and everything was good to go.

    I bought these Ameriglo sights from here:

    WTS --- Sig and Glock Night Sights and Sig Factory Magazine SALE, Mastershop X6 - Topic

    Great seller and super fast shipping!!!!!

    I put them on last night and went out and shot 100 rounds through it to make sure they were on. They use the same sight picture as the stock sights (6 o'clock hold). Very bright in low light or no light conditions and that orange dot just jumps out at you during the day. I highly reccomend them for $68 delivered!!!!


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    Looks nice! I like you like to keep my GLOCK stock, although I keep thinking about some high visibility sights like XS or TFO's. Man I wish I had a gun store near me so I could see more sights up close.
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    Well, it certainly looks nice! Are the back sights still stock?

    I would think that the orange Ameriglo front sight in combo with regular night sights in the rear would make for easier target aquisition.
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    Heck yeah, very nice addition...

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    Very nice! I like the red.
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    I've got some Trijicon that look similar to that on my G 30. Except for they are all green (front & back). They glow like radiation in the dark. However, the red looks very nice. I may have to consider replacing my front sight now. Lol.

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    I put a 5.5lb Ghost trigger on mine.

    Love it. Smooth as glass
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    I've settled on the Ameriglo Operators for all my Glocks (Orange rears, blacked out in light, and a green front with the white outline.) Only other mod is a lone wolf barrel in my g23.

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    Nice sights! I go all green on mine.
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    I like the red/orange front night sight you put on.

    I shot a G-30 last week with an painted orange front sight and it was super fast to pick up and better contrast in daylight than the white.

    I have the Big Dot the "I" on my G-23 and it picks up well for my old eyes but that red/orange contrast has a lot going for it.

    Best upgrade yet for the Glock 23-photo.jpg
    click image to enlarge......
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    Those are some great looking sights! I have night sights on my Glocks, as well, but the best "upgrades" for me were the 3.5# trigger connectors! All the difference in the world in making them easy to shoot!
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    I like the contrast. My sports standard white night sights, but now you have me thinking.....
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    That was my G30 Old School shot. Glad he liked it.

    Cheapskate that I am, I spent $3.99 on a lifetime supply of DayGlo-Orange model paint instead of "nightsights." I've looked at several different brands of nightsights and haven't found any I prefer over the simple orange paint. The paint clearly stands out better in daylight and against all backgrounds (never seen a BG wearing DayGlo-Orange hoodie) than any nightsights, and in dim light (still light enough to see the "target") the orange still stands out well. If it's too dark to see the sights, it's too dark to see the target, and then it's point and shoot time.

    They will require "touch-up" on occasion (no 10-yr warranty implied), but that takes all of 5 minutes to clean with alcohol and a new dab of paint. So some of you might give it a try before investing in nightsights. It's all of $3.99 lost if it doesn't work out for you!
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    I think night sights are the only real mod that I can think of that is a worthwhile change. Having said that, over the years, I have began to think they are something that may be more luxury than necessity.

    I have come to the conclusion for myself that if the sights can't be seen, the target probably can't either. But they are still a very legitimate addition.

    Those look good.
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    I have the same front sight on my G26 and love it. On the rear, I have the plain black Ameriglo .180" wide notch pro version which has radiused inside corners.

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