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Need a Weapon for the wife? HELP

This is a discussion on Need a Weapon for the wife? HELP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; word of advise.......let the wife pick her own gun..... I cant tell you how many husbands buy the wrong gun for the wife (myself included) ...

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Thread: Need a Weapon for the wife? HELP

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    word of advise.......let the wife pick her own gun.....
    I cant tell you how many husbands buy the wrong gun for the wife (myself included)
    Ship her to a range,rent a few and let her pic....same as you did when you were starting out...
    also dont be cheap,she may have to save your life one day and she better have a good protector !

    My wife CCWs an LCP and plinks with an SR9c which is also bedside....
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    It has to fit HER!

    RUN back and get her the 642 with the Laser. Load the thing with wadcutters if she is VERY recoil sensitive. Federal is now making the 125 Nyclad 38 std. pressure again. The 110 Grain standad pressure loads are all tame.
    The 38 special is ubiquitous, you can find them in nearly any store that sells ammo, including wal marts coast to coast.
    The J-Frame 38 is the RIGHT call!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbraves8 View Post
    Thanks guys. She had ear plugs and ear muffs on at the same time she could just tell it was loud and strong recoil. Also far as the cylinder in the 22 we switched out the cylinder to the one for Long rifle. so thats not a worry there. Thanks for the heads up though. She was holding the guns correct once I worked with her and is a good shot. She was hitting 8" paper plates set up next to each other 3 side by side and was switching from plate to plate and hitting them everytime with good grouping prob a 3 inch group from 7 yards away. I dont expect her to carry a gun on her all the time just want something she can use and function and shoot on target. I mainly want her to have it in the car or in her purse with her at all times. Since like most women in their young 20's wear tight fitting clothing its hard to conceal for women.
    My wife is 22 and is very fashionable. Except for when she is working at the hospital in scrubs she carries and conceals very well a Glock 26. She doe sit in a Secret City Weaponers Isotope 7 holster. They are a forum sponsor here. The holster is actually made by Gary Brommeland. There is no reason with some research andwork your wife cant do the same. Tell her to get on here and look at some of the stuff from Limatunes. She carries 1911s and a Glock 19.
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    Try the S&W M&P 9 compact with the size small backstrap. It's soft shooting and reliable.

    Also check out the Kahr PM9 or CW9. They have small grips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelRabbi View Post
    RUN back and get her the 642 with the Laser. Load the thing with wadcutters if she is VERY recoil sensitive. Federal is now making the 125 Nyclad 38 std. pressure again. The 110 Grain standad pressure loads are all tame.
    The 38 special is ubiquitous, you can find them in nearly any store that sells ammo, including wal marts coast to coast.
    The J-Frame 38 is the RIGHT call!
    I second this motion. My wife loves her 642 with laser grips. I tried to talk her out of it,I even bought her a 22 magnum taurus revolver that she hated. If your wife likes the 642 rent one and let her shoot it,my wife would not even rent one to try out she had allready decided that was what she wanted even though I tried to talk her out of it because of the recoil. So we got the 642 with the lg305 laser grips(the ones that cover the backstrap and have enough room for 3 fingers). I also got her some snap caps to practice loading it and for dryfiring. I had her dryfire while trying to hold the laser as steady as possible. After a few evenings of dryfire we went to the range. She put 5 rounds into 1.75 inches at 7 feet the first time she shot it. It was the same at 15 feet with 130 grain target ammo and with 125 grain federal nyclad hp. It's cheaper to let her choose what she wants because it's not about what you want her to have . Its about what SHE wants. I will warn you that once your wife finds a gun she likes from then on you will have to buy guns for yourself that she does not like. Because if you don't they will end up being hers and not yours. I bought myself a 3# model 60 that was mine for about a week. Now it has a pink hogue monogrip on it.

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    Someone previously mentioned a S&W 36.

    Good Idea ( I own two myself )

    If you look on the auction sites or even in local shops you should be able to find one in Excellent condition
    for about $400.

    It's an All-Steel frame so it soaks up more recoil than the airweights and it will fit your wife's hand as well as a 642.
    ( there are oodles of different grips made for them also )

    THEN - buy a 500 rd case of .38 spec 148gr wadcutters (low recoil )and let your wife practice ( with earmuffs and glasses of course ) until she can hit soda cans at 7 yards EVERY TIME.

    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

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    Like most have said let her pick her weapon, My fiancee loves my G19, but she wants a G26 which I will buy her asap because she would carry it. They have to like it to use it, whatever they pick is better than nothing.
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    In the hunt if you're looking for what to have her try at the range, Gen4 G17 and G19; short frame and larger mag release make it much more usable for those with smaller hands, and the dual recoil spring in the 9mm makes it about as soft as a 9mm semi auto can get, and the 17 could be fine for home defense and purse or car carry. If she really likes the 642 go for it, just make sure she likes it as much as that .22 and it's not just better than what she hates. I'm taking notes in this thread as I warm up my girlfriend to coming to the range and eventually getting her permit, and I'm really just trying to put as many different things in her hand as possible until I her that change in voice that I found the right one, the 9mm Glocks are on the list for the next trip to the gun store.

    Also ear protection, standard solid state or electronic? I do regular plugs under the electronic noise canceling muffs, I can hardly hear the .40 even when the guys down the line are complaining how loud I'm being. Every little bit helps with the volume for both your own hearing safety and her warming up to it. (Take her to the rilfe range right before deer season and stay 50 feet behind the line without any hearing protection while folks are sighting in, anything you put in her hands with protection on will seem silent)

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    Light recoiling 38 Special loads in an all steel revolver are a great way to introduce someone to center fire hand guns. I like to use a K frame Smith as a good starting point. It's a little heavy and that cuts down on felt recoil.

    I prefer to take a newbie to an outdoor range also. One without walls in between shooters. It cuts down on noise and also there is less felt concussion from each shot.

    Move slowly up in power and then you can try different guns and calibers.
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    I would suggest that you get her an instructor, not you, to help her with shooting the other guns. For some reason, some women are not very receptive being instructed by their spouses. If she can get over the larger caliber issues, I would suggest no less than a 9 mil in a heavier load for CC(less recoil and better penetration). My wife and I carry .45 cal for CC.

    Also, let her pick the gun, after all she is the one carrying it. My wife picked the SA XD-45.
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    My suggestion would be, get her a S&W snub .38 airweight and load it with this Buffalo Bore standard pressure .38. It's low flash and hits like a tone of brick. The grip on the Smith is easily accommodating to small hands and the right now the price on the Air weights is unbeatable. The .38 loaded with this stuff is all I carry everyday and I'm more than confident in both the revolver and the loading. My wife's revolver is also loaded with it and I haven't given it a second thought.

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    let her try the walther pk380 my x girlfriend loved mine. most 380s are so little they kick to hard for woman but this gun is good compromise in size and weight therefor it doesnt kick as hard as a subcompact nine but it is almost the same size she chose the walther as her carry gun over a glock 26 and over a smith 442
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    Might try a 38 to start on
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