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Dan Wesson Valor 1911 initial range report, chronograph

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Thread: Dan Wesson Valor 1911 initial range report, chronograph

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    Very nice and I feel excellent for the money compared to guns in the same price category.
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    Nice report, sounds like a great 1911!
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    I think that Dan Wesson 1911s are the best looking of all 1911 pistols
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    I'm new to the .45 1911. I owned one many years ago and at 50ft my Gold Cup would clover leaf my shots of three. I was reading about the Dan Wesson Valor and it sounds like a wonderful firearm, but the groups I'm hearing cheers over are 3.5 inches at 7 yards. Is this what is to be expected with other than match .45's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDW4ME View Post
    I recently bought a new 2010 Dan Wesson Valor 1911 with the black over stainless finish.
    This is a full size 1911 with a steel frame. The Dan Wesson Valor has tool steel small parts, no MIM.
    The Valor also has Heinie Trijicon night sights; the front sight is green, the rear is yellow. The front dot is larger than the rear and the set makes like the number 8 when aligned.
    It came in a plastic case with two Checkmate 8 round magazines that have extended base plates, and included a plastic bushing wrench.

    Prior to shooting I cleaned the pistol. It's a good thing a bushing wrench is provided, it was necessary to remove the bushing. The guide rod is the standard or short size, not full length.

    Yesterday, for my first shooting session, I used one of the Checkmate magazines and a Tripp 7 round that fits flush with the frame.
    I shot 50 rounds of S&B 230 gr. ball followed by 50 rounds of Gold Dot using each magazine, there were no malfunctions.
    I don't normally shoot for groups, I mainly (exclusively) focus on double taps at 7 yards, but I decided to see what I could do. At 7 yards I put 45 rounds of Gold Dot into a 2'' x 1 3/4'' hole, standing unsupported freehand slow fire (end of accuracy evaluation).

    Today was session two; starting with a clean pistol, again. I used the other supplied Checkmate magazine and my other Tripp 7 rounder.
    I shot 50 rounds of Remington 230 JHP, 30 rounds Winchester "white box" 230 JHP, and 30 rounds of Winchester Ranger T 230.
    There was once again zero malfunctions.
    Ejected cases went positively to the right and it wasn't affected by how firmly I gripped it. Primers were struck solidly in the center.

    I'm used to shooting aluminum frame 1911's, so this steel pistol seemed to recoil little. I did not use my shot timer, but I have no doubt that I would be quicker with this for 2nd shot times than my other options. Last time I used the timer, I averaged .22 sec for 2nd shot follow up (with the requirement of keeping both shots on a 6'' circle at 7 yards) that was with a lightweight Glock 36. I know I would do better with this pistol, I shot double taps and it took much less focus / effort to stay on target.

    210 rounds fired through 4 different magazines. 5 different brands of ammunition, 4 being JHP. No problems.

    I'm impressed.

    1911 fans won't like this, but it is a compliment coming from me, this pistol was as out of the box reliable as a Glock.
    No extended break-in period before it would work and it worked with the suppied magazines; it fed any ammunition I tried, including JHP.

    I don't have a trigger guage, but the pull is light.

    Chrono results, average for 5 shots:
    Remington 230 JHP @ 871 fps / 388# KE
    Winchester "white box" 230 JHP @ 912 fps / 424# KE
    Winchester Ranger T 230 @ 928 fps / 440# KE

    Two different loads produced over 400# KE

    I'll be packing this Valor in a Blade-Tech Ultimate IWB.
    There's lots of guns reliable as Glocks, starting with all revolvers, Beretta 92s, Sigs, you name it. Glock is one. That's all.
    And here you give an example of a 1911 that's as reliable also - (or seems to be to start out). It's not the only 1911 that fits that definition. In short, many modern guns are very reliable.

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    Old thread alert

    I still have the DW Valor and this thread is several months old.

    Accuracy: my shooting was done freehand.
    "At 7 yards I put 45 rounds of Gold Dot into a 2'' x 1 3/4'' hole, standing unsupported freehand slow fire"

    Nothing has changed, no further accuracy evaluation and hardly any more shooting. It's still a nice pistol.
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    I know 1911's and the Dan Wesson products are likely the highest quality (with semi-custom feature) 1911's on the market today that are factory produced.
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    Beautiful gun!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
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    ^^^ What he said.

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