Kahr TP-9 eval and range report

Kahr TP-9 eval and range report

This is a discussion on Kahr TP-9 eval and range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Before your gripe, yes there is a picture (hey atleast you get something). Story here is I walked into a Sportsmans Warehouse in our area ...

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Thread: Kahr TP-9 eval and range report

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    Kahr TP-9 eval and range report

    Before your gripe, yes there is a picture (hey atleast you get something).

    Story here is I walked into a Sportsmans Warehouse in our area and was browsing when the gun manager told the clerk to lower the price of the Kahr TP-9s as their chain was not going to carry them anymore. Needless to say I walked out with a new pistol at a very nice price.

    Though I can't carry this on duty, I have always loved the Kahr weapon and it fits my hand almost perfectly. Since I was off today I decided to make a range day out of it (we shoot alot at work but ocassionally I like to play with my other toys).

    My impression of the weapon overall was that it is just another Kahr P-9 with a 4" barrel. Fit was awsome and trigger broke clean during dry fire. The factory sights are white dot front and a little white dash at the rear. The grip has strippling made into the polymer which "felt" comfortable.

    Now I have a consistant issue with shooting high. No matter what handgun I shoot I always place my rounds a few inches above center. So when my first shot hit high, I wasnt really freaked out, and as I went through 300 rounds I realized that yes even with this one I'll shoot high.

    My impressions while shooting is that the TP-9 points very nicely and recoil was very managable, even with Corbon 115gr +Ps. There was not a single failure to feed or failure to fire. In fact the only thing out of the ordanary was upon inserting the first magazine the slide went home on its own. That didnt happen again through a number of magazine exchanges.

    My groups were all shot off hand at 7 yards and 25 yards. Suprisingly my adverage was about 4" at both ranges. My best 7 yard group was 3.5" (counting one flyer, without flyer 2.25"), my best 25 yard group was 3.65".

    All fired brass ejected into a very neat pile about three feet behind and to the right of my right shoulder.

    Clean up was easy and took about ten minutes. A few drops of CLP and it was ready to go again.

    There was only two negatives one one humm that I observed. The first was that I wish it had a more defined grip area (like a bevertail) as the weapon likes to flip up (a trip to Robar will fix that). The second was that the strippling just didnt work. The front grip stippling was slicker than snot on a doorknob and didnt hold the hand well (seems to me I'll be diggout an old bicycle tire intertube). The only other thing I observed that I didnt like was that the magazines did not "spit" out when the magazine release was pressed if they were empty. Full they'll fly across the room, but empty they seemed to hang.

    Ok ya'al I've run off enough so I'll show the pic and hush. Hope you enjoy and if not oh well cant please everyone (besides I'm not married to ya and if your the one that signs my paycheck you owe me money).

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    Nice, thanks for the good report.
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    Thx Steve - useful always to have folk's impressions.

    Useful addition methinks
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    Hey thanks for the writeup , kinda reminded me of skeeter skelton writeups from years ago lol . and Congrats on the new toy . i have a p9 and i kinda wish it was the tp just for the extra sighting plane . but heck i dont shoot any dao well enough for it to matter imho lol
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