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.45acp is more powerful than a .357mag?

This is a discussion on .45acp is more powerful than a .357mag? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; More powerful..? Too many variables to consider. When hitting the CNS, a .22 caliber bullet can, and will, immediately incapacitate a person, regardless of size ...

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Thread: .45acp is more powerful than a .357mag?

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    More powerful..? Too many variables to consider.

    When hitting the CNS, a .22 caliber bullet can, and will, immediately incapacitate a person, regardless of size and weight of the recipient.

    A shot sustained to soft tissue areas by a 357mag or 45acp will most likely not give the same results. It'll hurt like heck, but you'll still be able to limp to the camera to turn it off.

    It's all about shot placement.
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    yep. 45 ACP+357 mag=10mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Back in the day ( early 70's) my old PD got a Dan Wesson with three different barrel lengths as a factory trial piece.

    I remember using the flat metal cylinder gap guage to get the proper head space when changing the barrels.

    Big heavy gun that was over built for the .38 spl load we were using then.

    Had wood grips with the DW logo. We went with S&W model 10's with the bull barrel but there was nothing wrong with the DW.

    Dan Wesson Revolvers

    I own an old Dan Wesson with a 6'' barrel. It was made in Monson, MASS.

    I looked at changing the barrel to a 2'' but decided against it and bought a 38 special instead. I believe you can buy barrels that go all the way up to 10''

    Anyways, the Dan Wesson is a total bad ass gun and is laser accurate and a total blast to shoot.

    Highly recommended if you can still find a deal on one.

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    When debating gun caliber supremacy, which is a frequent topic, it seems like you have the big hole folks, and the Marshall and Sanow believers. I have no idea which is better, and I would not want to be hit with either caliber, but a couple things keep popping up in my mind when these debates go on.

    1. Every animal I have taken was taken with a light, fast bullet, whether it be deer, mule deer, elk, or black bear, I would never want a slow, lumbering round.
    2. Picture two pointed poles, one with a .357 inch diameter, and one with a .45 inch diameter. Not a whole ton of difference there. If two people were to get stabbed in the same place, one with the .357, and one with the .45, do you really think there would be some huge difference in their immediate incapacitation? Not in my opinion.

    My point is that I don't think just having the bigger caliber means it's more effective (to an extent obviously), to many variables in play, and it's easy to forget the fact that caliber/weight/speed COMBINATIONS may be more important than simply making a bigger hole. It's my opinion that a 125gr .357 traveling at 1400fps will do more damage than a .45 cal going 950fps. I think the jhp's ability to consistently and violently mushroom is what get's the job done, but hey that's just me, and like I said, who would want to get shot by either?
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