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Looking at Taurus PT145

This is a discussion on Looking at Taurus PT145 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own one and carry it often. for me the Perfect CHL piece. Low cost, so if i have to use it wont hurt when ...

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Thread: Looking at Taurus PT145

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    I own one and carry it often. for me the Perfect CHL piece. Low cost, so if i have to use it wont hurt when the cops take it. My only Problem is that it is a little top heavy. I have not had feed issues unless its after several rounds at the range, easy fix - Dont carry your weapon dirty.

    Pro's - Compact , 45 X10, The built in lock - I think its great cause kids arent always here, so if they are i just take out the mag and chambered round and lock it - then I'm Legal and safe. , Doesnt hurt the pocket book.

    Cons - Top Heavy in the holster, Parts and extra mags are expensive, Taurus Customer service sucks.

    All in all, great buy. I carry others often, because of the heat here in west texas, however when can wear more clothes to conceal a larger cal. you won't find me without my Taurus. There are better weapons, i own some, but this taurus is a fine peice for the price - will knock back zombies just fine.

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    pt145 1st gen, stainless upper....carried for a while. it is still in rotation
    though it is also in the 'for sale' column with a ROFR already called in.
    most use was with its IWB Tuckable. comfy and well hidden.

    mine is a bit unusual in that it is reliable and shoots well enough to play IDPA with.
    lock-time is faster than a glock though slower than a 1911.
    nite sights lasted 14 years, 4 more than the 8-10 that is acceptable.
    it does have the frame pins broke trouble a long timeback.
    eats all ammo, heck, I'm on the verge of talking me into keeping it
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    The Taurus 24/7 is a little better series. No issues with them and they have a short barrel version the same size as the PT145. The PT845 is a little larger and is basically an enhanced 24/7. The big difference in the 800 series is it is a hammered semi-auto that is DA/SA with de-cocker/safety but it can also be carried cocked and locked 1911 style. It has a .22lr conversion kit also. It has peaked my interest, but it is a larger handgun. We'll see how carriable it is when mine arrives. I really prefer a handgun with a hammer whether it be a revolver or a semi-auto. Perhaps that comes from 20 years of shooting revolvers with hammers. Whatever it is, I like a hammer. I do have striker-fired semis that I like and an internal hammered revolver (442) I like also.
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    Stay away! I owned one for several months, had nothing but feeding issues. Put it through some home made run n guns involving a lot of sand and sweat. It locked up and started light hitting. Traded it in towards my G29. We run this course which is similar to what Nutnfancy does, but with a lot more pushups/etc. that purposefully transfer crap into the gun and magazines/holsters. The only guns that have not choked yet are my full-size M&P 9, a gen 3 G26, Gen 3 G17, my G29...and that's it. We've choked my P3at, my Taurus, a Walther PPS, an XD45 Tactical, and choked a P220 but discovered it was mag related.

    We've done this drill several times since July of last year, and it has greatly revealed flaws in my own collection and two of friends collections with guns that will not perform when they actually get used in the real world. A lot of the above mentioned "weapons that consistently failed" have been since sold. It's helped refocus what firearms we need to have that will actually work,...and those are Glock...and the M&P series. We left them outside full of sand in freezing (well for Florida 40 degree weather), purposefully without lubrication, for 4 days straight and shot them all for several hours each day. Tossed em in a lake, etc. We have done the same with all those guns, and not a peep out of the Glocks or the one M&P. When you can see, feel and HEAR sand grating in the slide and the gun still works, you know it's a keeper. The other ones get sold.

    We have Kahr P9, and a Taurus Judge to "indoctrinate" soon. This will be the first revolver run through. I'm confident we can lock it up though. I don't have high hopes for the Kahr.

    Sorry this was totally off topic, but this PT145 Mil Pro kind of pissed me off because it was one gun out of all these that I really wanted to work well. I was really disappointed in the results. Also totally off topic, the Glock tenifer finish is good, but it only holds up in regards to corrosion. after roughly 700 rounds of sandy SERPA drawing the front part of the slide on my G17 was totally worn down. I'll post a pic if I can...the Taurus finish started showing wear around 400ish rounds.

    When ammo is the "right price" you tend to shoot a lot which leads to testing sessions such as this.

    Enough rambling! Back on topic! Stay away from Taurus. I did like the grip texture.
    If you're going to carry one weapon, might as well carry two, because as the saying goes, "Two is one, and one is none."

    "Liberals can decline or whine, but I will still carry and conceal mine." - Cold Warrior. Excellent quote good sir!

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