Return to the 1911...

Return to the 1911...

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Thread: Return to the 1911...

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    Return to the 1911...

    I don't do a lot of posting and I have beenmighty busy over the last 6 months and in that time I have done a decent amount of skeet and sporting clay shooting but not much handgunning... It was past time and I don't usually go more than a couple weeks without some practice so only shooting twice in that time is not preferable...

    I respect so many on the forum because of their reviews and honest opinions and posting of others they have read on certain subjects...

    In my personal stable of pistols I really only have 5 handguns which are viable candidates for carry [two snubs a Colt Lawman 357 and Taurus 85; and 3 semiautos SA 1911, Ruger P89 9mm, PA-63 .380 (Walther clone)]. My BUG is a P32 which lives in my pocket regardless of my primary. Over these last months I have been avoiding the 1911, been carrying the T85 for size and weight or the P89 for capacity.

    After a good session at the range this week I remember why I went with the 1911, it just fit me, is natural for me, I am more accurate with it, it is thinner and easier to conceal, better sights I just renewed my passion for it. I will still carry the snubby some as it is versatile in carry position but all in all I am back to the 1911...

    I think I am going to pick up a CM 10 round power mag for the occasions I feel slighted by round count and then get in some more practice with the 1911!
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    Welcome back.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    Once you go 1911 you will not go back.
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    1911s rule! Like bolt action rifles and Harley Davidson motorcycles, they aren't the most modern design, but they just plain exude class and are still around for a reason. Like they say about Harley's, "If ya gotta ask, you wouldn't understand".
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    Welcome back! You will not regret your desicion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Once you go 1911 you will not go back.
    I am, albeit slowely, comming around to accept this. My recent purchase of a SA Mil-Spec SS has altered my views on the 1911 platform significantly.
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    I second the welcome back...The 1911 is (IMO) truly the best of the best as far as personal defense. I live in S. Louisiana so I know bout the concealment issues, but the comfort of what I have with me outweights all other!!!

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