Talk me down..........

Talk me down..........

This is a discussion on Talk me down.......... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've noticed the Taurus PLY. A pocket gun in .22. Looks kinda cool, and is very chea........, er, affordable. Why not? Yeah, I've got nice ...

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Thread: Talk me down..........

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    Cool Talk me down..........

    I've noticed the Taurus PLY.
    A pocket gun in .22.

    Looks kinda cool, and is very chea........, er, affordable.

    Why not?
    Yeah, I've got nice guns and even a Seecamp for carry,
    but this thing might be

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    Looks like my Beretta 21A. Nice little piece. I think that since you have a Seecamp to fit that mousegun role, maybe you should get a Ruger Mark II for fun. Unless you really have a desire for the Taurus. Sometimes if you have an itch, you gotta just scratch it.
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    Fun is important. Go for it.
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    Hey it's your money do what you want......jump.

    That said I agree with NY27 in regards to a target style .22 from Ruger, Browning or S&W just to name a few.

    It would allow more fun, fun, fun in various ways..

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    I've learned never to come here to be talked out of a firearm purchase

    I agree with NY27's sentiment. There are much bigger caliber mouse guns in that size for only $80 more, and since you already have the Seecamp, I can think of a lot other .22 pistols that would be more fun to shoot.

    Although I'm guilty of not always being perfectly rational in my firearms selection.
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    Don't Buy It!!!

    Feel better yet?

    O.K. now buy it! It looks kind of fun.
    Question Everything!

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    I would buy a larger .22LR for practice shooting. Perhaps you should look at the Ruger Mark II or the new Smith & Wesson M&P22. You already have a great pocket gun with the Seecamp, so no need to get another mouse gun. Just my $0.02!
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    I've learned never to come here to be talked out of a firearm purchase
    Truth has been told. Last thing you'll ever here is, "Oh no, you have enough guns, you really don't need one more."

    My last purchase was a Ruger MKII and I'm loving it.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    GO FOR IT!!

    I love my Taurus. And you can never have enough .22lrs; they're cheap to shoot, easy to handle, easy to conceal, and (probably best of all) they're not usually terribly expensive to purchase. So, I say, enjoy your Taurus. (And, if you don't like it, someone will always be ready to take it off your hands)
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    Don't jump,you have so much to give,think of the financial impact on your local gun range if you aren't around,who will clean your guns.I hear ammo is going on sale tomorrow at Wally World.
    OK if ya gonna buy a 22 buy a target gun,my buddu has a beretta 22 and while it goes bang and I made him a holster to carry in his "Scrubs" it's not a range gun
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    When in doubt wait a few seconds and buy it!

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