Paranoid about my gun...

Paranoid about my gun...

This is a discussion on Paranoid about my gun... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Alright guys, so this is going to sound completely irrational and I know it is - hence me posting this thread. So, a couple of ...

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Thread: Paranoid about my gun...

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    Paranoid about my gun...

    Alright guys, so this is going to sound completely irrational and I know it is - hence me posting this thread.

    So, a couple of months ago I purchased a NIB SIG P229R in 9mm (classic variant without the beavertail or anything fancy except for the rail).

    I've got about 700 rounds through it without a malfunction.

    One would think that I would be convinced of the gun's function, and logically, I know I should be, but for some reason, I always become paranoid every time I see a strange scratch, wear markings, a strange noise, or something out of the ordinary. Then, I go and shoot it, and it shoots flawlessly and accurately. It's an expensive gun and I love SIG design (like the looks and the way it fits my hand, DA/SA trigger is no problem to me and I shoot it well).

    I think a lot of this may be due to hearing about SIG QC issues, which causes me to almost expect the gun to fail, which I know is unreasonable.

    Perhaps some of you guys can put my mind to ease? Just how much abuse can these guns typically take without becoming basically unserviceable? I clean it every time I shoot it and lube it where it is recommended I do so. I also grease the rails.

    Again, I know I'm paranoid. :(

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    There is nothing any one of us can tell you that will gain you confidence. You need to determine within yourself what will set your mind at ease with your edc firearm.

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    Sig has had some quality issues as they aren't what they used to be, but set your mind at ease. You have shot plenty of rounds to feel that it's reliable. Don't worry!

    If you can't shake it, just get a Glock or M&P and shoot that fine Sig at the range.
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    If you are paranoid about this gun, sell it and buy one that you can trust your life. I would buy a Glock, M&P, Springfield Armory, Beretta or Heckler & Koch.
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    I agree with everyone else thus far. I wouldn't carry a gun I didn't or couldn't trust. It may be an irrational fear but why put yourself under more stress than you have to? If you're ever in a situation where you have to draw your gun and use it, you are already going to be under a tremendous amount of stress. Do you want to add to your stress the fear that your gun might malfunction?

    Like someone else said, use it for a range gun and enjoy it or sell it and put your mind at ease.

    Please let us know what you decide to do.

    I hope all goes well. ;-)

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    Any brand firearm can have QC issues...

    If your Sig had a problem, it seems like it would have reared its ugly head, by now.
    I think you're good to go.

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    I have a P228. Your guns older brother. That thing just plain works. You in NO way will do anything to kill that gun just carrying it and range shooting it. They are the duty sidearm for about 1/3 of the major Federal LE agencies. US Army CID uses them. US Secret Service uses them. They are SIG Sauer and have the reputation for a reason.

    Carry it shoot it use it. Other than a mechanical part breaking you wont do anything to that gun that it can handle. They are a machine and will break no more or no less than ny other major handgun made.
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    Interesting thread.

    You have to know your weapons. My personal policy is to clean them after every outing. Even only 10 rounds through, clean, lubricate, and check.

    Your weapons should look and operate in "brand new" condition. With well over 1000 rounds through my LC9, it looks like it came out of the box, even though it's my most-often carried. Same with the SR9c. I can trust them.

    If your choice of firearm gives you qualms, then replace it with something that resolves your misgivings. Get a .357 revolver or a Glock or whatever gives you confidence. I find Sigs to be too complex and expensive. I want simple, solid, and totally reliable.
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    Ruger SP101 in .357 worries.
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    Paranoid indeed

    I read your posting twice and could see no reason for you to fear the performance of your Sig. You said it has worked perfectly through 700 rounds. You didn't cite a bad experience with any other Sig. Why would you fear failure? It seems irrational.

    I have 5 Sigs, including the model 229. I've never had a problem with any of them, and I like them because they are reliable, accurate and comfortable in my hand. I'm only cautious about guns that have failed me in some way, not those that have worked well.

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    Hmmm..I don't think I have ever heard of a 229 having issues unless they were the fault of the shooter. I have had zero problems with my 238 and 239.
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    Get yourself another Piece. Establish proficiency, render it reliable.

    You're G-T-G.
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    You worry too much...700 rounds without a problem? You're good to go, so get on with life and enjoy the ride!
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    Search through enough threads here and you will find quality issues with every manufacturer. I've never had an issue with any SIG I've fired and I own one, my father-in-law owns two, and my Dad owns three. From your own admission, you've put 700 through yours with no issues.

    Two key points here. First you need to find peace, unfortunately I can't tell you how because everyone is different. Second, knowing that any gun can have issues and Murphy's Law will make cameos from time to time, you need to practice resolving those issues. You need to be able to simulate resolving problems in a shooting situation. This just means training and practice.
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    It's not just Sig's, I actually prefer most older guns than newer. Shoot what you feel comfortable. I love the P228 for a full size side arm and I prefer the S&W 649 as a BUG . But I carry a few in my rotation. We all need to find out what works for each of us. Wear on a firearm isn't something I am concerned with, abuse is. I take care of everything that I own. Mostly because I can't afford to buy it again, lol!!!!
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