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Need help selecting a 9mm for CC.

This is a discussion on Need help selecting a 9mm for CC. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by crzy4guns I have to concur with you on the loading of an empty chamber, I like the slingshot method myself and I ...

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Thread: Need help selecting a 9mm for CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crzy4guns View Post
    I have to concur with you on the loading of an empty chamber, I like the slingshot method myself and I use it on other pistols such as my Glock 19. I suggested the Kahr PM9 as it is a truly diminutive 9mm that is on the OP's list, and would be easy to conceal (actually I would like to recommend the CM9 as it costs about $200.00 less). However that is a valid point you bring up and it would really ruin your day if you went to reload your Kahr with the slingshot method and it caused you to lose the fight, or worse your life. I would train myself to use the slide lock release method on all of my semi auto pistols, so it would become an old habit if I had to reload my Kahr pistol in a gunfight. OMO YMMV
    Yea, if you train to release the slide on all your firearms, it shouldn't be an issue. But slingshottting was so engrained into my brain already, it was difficult to change. Not to mention the other factor of size causing me to not shoot or draw it well. I didn't think it was worth changing my style for a pistol I couldn't shoot that well anyway.

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    LC9, that was easy :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rs4109 View Post

    Kimber 1911 Ultra Carry
    Springfield XD
    Sig Sauer P239
    Sig Sauer P290
    Beretta PX4 Compact
    Beretta PX4 Sub-Compact
    Kahr PM9
    Para Carry 9
    Kimber Solo
    I have a few handguns in this category. I guess I can chime in with my .02 cents.

    The first gun on your list. The Kimber ultra. I have the UCII but in .45. It is hands down, the most accurate carry pistol I own. Which is surprising with it's 3" barrel, but it is a tack driver! It's aims very naturally for me, and i love the manual of arms for 1911's. If you were looking at that pistol, I would get .45acp. The 9mm is basically going to be the same size, so if you're going to go thru the trouble of carrying a weapon that size, might as well carry .45 imo.

    Now, if you like 1911's, but want to stick with 9mm. I would check out the springfield EMP which someone had mentioned earlier. It's light and dimensioned similar to a compact 1911 but just trimmed down a bit here and there. It does feel slimmer in the hand. My EMP 9mm has been excellent and my only complaints are the lack of flush base mags (I had to have logman modify my mags for carry, which reduces them by one round) and also the front night sight. It is a tritium sight surrounded by a stainless ring. I wish they had made that white instead so it would be easier for the eyes to pick up. Other than that, it is a Fine weapon.

    You definitely should check out the Walther PPS. Mine has been excellent. I usually carry it when I feel like carrying "light". Only negatives, I like the trigger better on some of my other guns, and the mag release (which is located on the trigger guard) is different from the rest of my handguns. With training, this shouldn't be an issue, but it's something to take note of.

    The gun I carry 90% of the time is my XD9-subcompact. For reliability, accuracy (in my hands), capacity, and is hard to beat. It is just a work horse. I probably have 7000+ rounds thru mine and have never had one malfunction. Ever! It is a thick gun, but short and compact and sits low in the waistband for me, so I have no problem concealing it with a t-shirt.

    My SIGs are my HD guns, but they are too bulky for carry for me.

    Kahr PM9 is an excellent firearm and I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth (albeit long) trigger pull. If you don't want to spend the premium price tag of the PM9, check out the CW9 which is basically the same gun with a few less features which don't hurt it IMO. If you have big enough pockets, you can pocket carry it if that's a factor to you?

    One gun not mentioned you might want to take a look at? The CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm. It's a handsome carry piece.

    Finally, the Ruger SR9C. My buddy has one. Ergonomics are nice but it is a little larger than the rest in this field of subcompacts. I shot pretty tight groups with it, but some of the features on it just rubbed me the wrong way. Like the HUGE chamber indicator for example, but that's just me.

    Good luck with your search and try to shoot them if you can before buying. What shoots well in one person's hand might feel like crap in yours.

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    Go shoot as manuy as you can ( most larger ranges have rentals ) and pick the one that is most comfortable and accurate to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    CZ 75 Compact fits most of your criteria, it is a little heavier though, weighing in at 32 oz.
    How has finding a good holster been? Im eyeballing one of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeTX View Post
    How has finding a good holster been? Im eyeballing one of these.
    High Noon, Alessi, Bianchi, Fobus, Blade Tech, and a number of other makers will fit you for the 75 compact.

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    Thumbs up on PM9. If you want lighter go check out the Taurus 709 slim. I've had both and love them both. Same category, slightly different in delivery.

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    kahr cm9 or diamondback db9. I have the db9 and am amazed at how small it is...not very expensive either. won't feed every brand of hollowpoint (speer gold dots for instance) but haven't had any problems with hornady critical defense rounds. It's no bigger than most .380's so it can easily be carried in a pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chivvalry View Post
    Kahr PM9. I love mine.
    I also would recommend the Kahr. I carry a CW9 every day now and I dearly love this little gun.
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    I too recommend the PM9. It's a great shooter. I have a P380, PM9 and PM40. I reliably slingshot load each of them. The key is to take a quick pause at the very at the end of the rear draw, then release the slide without riding it. It gets easier as the recoil spring loosens a bit.

    I haven't shot the CM9, but it is getting great reviews. Rent or borrow as many of your options as you can and pick what works for you.

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    Well its slighty bigger but the Bersa Pro deserves a look. I have a CW-9 but for last month. My main carry been a PF-9 KelTec. I really like this little pistol Mine has feed every brand I have tried and I shoot it very well. With the finger rest on mag .Spare mag no finger rest group doubles. my kahr nice but doesn't shoot any better than the KelTec and front sight has shot loose on Kahr. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    Thumbs up on PM9. If you want lighter go check out the Taurus 709 slim...
    The 709 Slim is several ounces heavier than a PM9.

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    Two of my favorite compact 9mms:

    S&W M&P 9c
    Bersa Thunder UC9

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    I have a CW9 and a Para Ord Hawg 9. Hawg 9 is a lot wider and heavier so I do not carry it as much, but the CW9 is what I carry most of the time. Love the little thing, when its on I barely know its there and it doesn't profile easily at all with it being so slim; weighs next to nothing as well.
    Springfield XD .40 Service
    Para Ord Hawg 9
    Kahr CW9
    S&W 22A

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    I'd suggest going to a range that rents guns, and try several until you find one that "fits" - feels good, and you hit what you're aiming at. For myself, I chose the XD 9 Sub Compact.
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