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How Many CC Full Size Weapons

This is a discussion on How Many CC Full Size Weapons within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does a security six count as a full size gun? If so then yeah I carry that and an LCR plus reloads for each. Normal ...

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Thread: How Many CC Full Size Weapons

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    Does a security six count as a full size gun? If so then yeah I carry that and an LCR plus reloads for each. Normal attire is jeans and a t-shirt year round here in Florida for me. OWB for the 6shooter and a bare asset for the 5 shot.

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    Kimber Stainless II 3:00 in an MTAC
    HK45C in a comptac Infidel not full size per se but not tiny however carries really well. Also 3:00

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    My main carry is a Ruger P345 in either a Remora or in a CBST. I also carry 2 spare mags in either a Remora dual mag pouch or in my Theis holsters double magazine holster. All of these are worn IWB.

    When the weather cools down, I'll sometimes carry my G19 either OWB in a Tagua or in my Miami Classic. I've never even owned any handguns smaller than a G19 or G23.

    My body size may fluctuate, but I've never had much trouble concealing full sized since I started doing it in '97. It can be done, it's all in how you're willing to dress in my experience. I generally wear jeans, khakis, shorts, t-shirts, or polo shirts, and have (to the best of my knowledge anyway) never been made. I will say one thing, the skinnier you are, the easier it'll be to conceal.
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    I used to CC a Sig 226. I carried it IWB at about 3:30-4:00 or so (Just behind the right hip). Over time I ended up carrying my 442 more & more often off-duty until I eventually got a Glock 26 & then other subcompacts.
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    I carry a Glock 17 sometimes. It depends on what I am wearing and where I will be going. I much prefer the Glock 19 though.

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    I carry my RIA 5" 1911 in a CBST at the 4:30 position. I can conceal it well if I am mindfull and dont bend over at the waist. I do have to check my shirt after getting up from a seated position to make sure that it hasnt caught itself on the grip. Im a skinny guy at 6' 145lbs

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    A full size Commander or a Government model...

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    glock 21sf m-tac holster i dont wear baggy jeans or shirts i just position it correctly and never had a problem.


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    I do usually just wear shorts or blue jeans and a T-Shirt and conceal my G30 & G26 with no issues.
    I can wear that exact outfit when carrying my full sized 1911 with no problem. I wear a wife beater type undershirt under my t-shirt to keep the IWB holster away from bare skin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ConcealedG30 View Post
    I'm glad I wear a white hat. 2 G17's 4 spare mags. Are they 33 round mags? LMAO.

    Thats actually Awesome.
    Lol, I wish I could find pants that could fit 33rd mags, but no 17 rounders. With all the reports of flash mobs and racial beatings across the country, you'll never complain after a gunfight about bringing too many bullets

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