OK... Now What?

OK... Now What?

This is a discussion on OK... Now What? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So, I went out shooting with my friends, and there were all kinds of weapons there. Glock 19, 23, 27, Sig 226 (.40), 229 (9mm), ...

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Thread: OK... Now What?

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    OK... Now What?

    So, I went out shooting with my friends, and there were all kinds of weapons there. Glock 19, 23, 27, Sig 226 (.40), 229 (9mm), Springfield XDM, yada, yada, yada... Then, to really make me think I died and went to heaven, last night, my wife told me that she thinks that my EDC weapon makes too much of a bulge and I "really need to buy a thinner gun." I knew I should have played the lottery...

    So, still liking the Glocks, but I really fell in love with the Sig's: fit my hand perfectly, de-cockers which may not mean much to some, but important to me (Glock G27 for CCW) as I've owned a Astra A-80 since the late 80's, which has the same set up.

    The only problem is the price of the Sig's - I can get 2 Glocks for the price of one Sig. Either way, it's gonna be a while before I can afford either one as I just blew my wad on a new power washer...

    I wonder if I can get away with buying both...
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    This may not be something that appeals to you but I just picked up an LC9 and it's by far the best fitting "thin" gun that I've held/shot so far. Accuracy was great also. I too was looking for something thinner but most of them feel terrible in the hand, not the LC9.

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    SIXTO actually made a nice point yesterday: the SIG P239 is an overlooked carry gun (single stack available in several calibers, including .40S&W and 9mm). I'm a SIG guy, myself. I look at guns like motorcycle helmets: don't just buy the cheap one because it's cheap, because one day your life might depend on it. Nothing personal against Glock, they just don't fit me and I don't like the way they shoot.
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    I know abou the high price of Sigs I own a P228 and love it, but am also a Glock Fan. Keep an eye out at Summit Gunbroker or GunBroker for Certified PreOwned Sigs (CPO). Often can be bought for MUCH less than new, and are usually indistinguishable from new.

    The 239 is an excellent choice.

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    +1 on the Sig P239. Chambered in .357 Sig, IMO it's one of the best CCW pistols available — except, of course, for the P220R Carry SAO

    Springfield TRP Armory Kote, Springfield Trophy Match, Sig Sauer P220R SAO, Glock 35 with Heinie Slant Pro sights, Springfield Armory XDs 45, S&W Model 29 Mountain Gun, PTR-91F in 7.62mm NATO, Springfield M1A1, Sig 556 Patrol Rifle and Benelli M2 with 10-round magazine

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    Either will serve you well. Glocks and Sigs are both very reliable. The classic Sig anyway, I think that the new polymer Sigs had some issues.
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    Another vote for the p239....... My EDC! I do like and carry my Glocks, as well.
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    I used to hate Glocks, not now, of course.
    What changed my mind? The Glock-36 has the thinnest grip of all the Glocks!
    After the Glock-36, I ended up with four more Glocks, but the '36' is still my EDC.

    Just go pick one up, you'll see what I mean.

    You couldn't do much better than a .45...makes big holes.
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    You never said what you currently carry, that your wife says is too fat.

    239 is very nice.

    I carry a S&W m&P9c, & a Kel Tec P11, which I don't think is that fat.
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    Baby Glocks (Models 26, 27, 28 and 33)
    Overall length: 6.29"
    Height (incl. mag): 4.17"
    Width: 1.18"
    Barrel length: 3.46"

    S&W M&P Compact (9mm, 40, .357 sig)
    Overall length: 6.7"
    Height (incl. mag): 4.3"
    Width: 1.2"
    Barrel length: 3.5"

    Glock Model 36
    Overall length: 6.77"
    Height (incl. mag): 4.76"
    Width: 1.13"
    Barrel length: 3.78"

    M&P45c - Compact
    Overall length: 7.125"
    Height (incl. mag): 4.8"
    Width: 1.2"
    Barrel length: 4"

    Sig P239
    Overall length: 6.6"
    Height (incl. mag): 5.1"
    Width: 1.2"
    Barrel length: 3.6"

    Sig P220
    Overall length: 7.8"
    Height (incl. mag): 5.6"
    Width: 1.4"
    Barrel length: 4.4"

    Height is a more important factor to my build. I can't carry the M&P45c in summer. I would also consider the Springfield XD subcompact (not finding all specs, though - maybe you'll have better luck).
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    Have you handled a 239?

    The slide is pretty fat by any standard, definately not helping your quest for 'thin'. A Walther PPS is thin, a Kahr is thin, a P239..not really.

    Great gun, but not thin, or light, or small for it's capacity.
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    I carry a Sig P229 SCT in .40; love that gun. I will mention Sig's are really fat, if your Astra is printing a Sig probably will as well. While the P239 is a single stack, it is still a thick gun.

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    The only problem is the price of the Sig's - I can get 2 Glocks for the price of one Sig.

    And there's a real good reason for that.

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    for a "thinner gun", the P239 really isn't gonna make a whole lot of difference. My P239-40 cal spends most of it's time in the safe as it was replaced for "socail carry" a couple of years ago with a really thin Kahr CW9. Same number of rounds, although in my case substituting 9mm for 40, but much, much thinner profile carried IWB. Even though the P239 is single stack, the grip really isn't proportionately smaller as compared to most other single stacks. The P239 is definately a high quality firearm, but "sub-compact" it isn't.



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    SIG makes great service pistols.....have yet to handle one that I would even consider for concealed carry. I don't care for their new pocket 9mm (fat) and I don't carry a .380 for self defense, so their $600 gun gives me no joy. Friend of mine is a SIG snob, and I always ask him what he is carrying today......and he is never armed because he can't conceal his freakin' $1,000 P220. Just because you drop a grand on a gun, does not mean it is the very best....if you can't carry it.

    If you want thin, light and concealable, I would go with a Kahr CW9, CM9, or CW45. You can buy two for the price of a SIG.
    Next choice would be any of the Glocks such as a G19, G26, G23, G27. Bullet proof and as accurate and reliable as you will ever need. Next choice would be the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 9mm or .40. Great guns and just a tad bigger than the Glock 26/27/33. Great shooters, and as accurate as any steel gun I've shot.
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