Who carrys large caliber revolvers?

Who carrys large caliber revolvers?

This is a discussion on Who carrys large caliber revolvers? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was just sitting here thinking who carrys a large caliber revolver? Not 38s, Im talking large. More along the lines of 44 mag. I ...

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Thread: Who carrys large caliber revolvers?

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    Who carrys large caliber revolvers?

    I was just sitting here thinking who carrys a large caliber revolver? Not 38s, Im talking large. More along the lines of 44 mag. I personally dont think Id wanna carry something so big but I was just curious who does and what their reasons are.
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    IMO, .357 with +p ammo is just about the limit of what I want to shoot out of a short wheelie.
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    Sometimes I think I'd like a 44 Special, but the large caliber ammo is expensive. I really need to get into reloading.
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    I sometimes will carry my Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special, especially when I am outdoors hiking or doing a little fishing on a farmer's pond (with permission of course!).
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    .357mag Here, but 4 inch barrel. I might get a .44mag for a woods gun someday but not carry. .44Special is pushing it for two legged defense.
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    During cold weather months, I carry a S&W 629 .44 Magnum, or sometimes a 657 .41 Magnum and on ocassion a 25-5 .45LC. All have 4" Bbls. and all fit the same Safariland shoulder holster. I just like having as much edge as possible.
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    Carry my Ruger .44mag Alaskan at least once a week.
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    I often carry my 4" 625 in .45 ACP. Its easy to shoot, has the finest trigger I have ever used, accurate and makes big holes.
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    I don't very often, but I have carried 4" 629s (both Mountain Gun and standard weight), 4" 624, 3" 629, 4" 625, and 4" .44 Special and .45 Colt Bowen .38-44 conversions. Most of the time, I'd rather have more rounds of 9x23, 10mm or .45 ACP in a lighter, flatter package, but for some reason, some days just seem like heavy revolver days.
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    I occasionally carry an N frame 610 openly at work at the gunshop. I do it for mostly showing that revolvers are still good defense guns and for "don't see that everyday" bonus points.
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    I occasionally OC a 629 .44 mag, just because I can
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    A MagnaPorted 3" S&W 629 .44 Magnum "Trail Boss." I had Russ Elmore do an action job and it is smooth.............................

    He'd worked over a couple of mine and the quality of work was enviable. Other gunsmiths were impressed which I thought was pretty cool.

    Why the artillery? Besides just the idea of a snub-ish .44 Magnum makes me giddy.

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    I enjoy carrying big revolvers. My most recent acquisition is this Behlert customized S&W 25-2, she's about as handy as a big gun comes.

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    I sometimes carry my .44 special snubby or . 45acp compact.

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