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Kel tec PF9 vs Polish P64

This is a discussion on Kel tec PF9 vs Polish P64 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The P64 is not a bad little semi but its no where near as good as the CZ 82. The CZ 82 is the best ...

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Thread: Kel tec PF9 vs Polish P64

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    The P64 is not a bad little semi but its no where near as good as the CZ 82. The CZ 82 is the best bargain on the used handgun market bar none, period. Its a better gun in every way and far better than any offering by Kel Tec. Polygonal rifled barrel, 12 round cap. mags and CZ quality and its a C&R handgun that can be found for around $220 retail, less if you have your C&R FFL. So if weight is no issue for you its a no brainer.

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    if you get the P64 you will have to change out the springs the recoil spring will have to be the Wolff 20 lb and the lightest they make for the trigger.
    after that very accurate, if size of the gun dosent matter Widners reloading has Bularian Makarov's in stock those are great shootin (9X18's)

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    As far as the finish on the PF9, well it does require that it be wiped down nightly with a silicone cloth to keep it from rusting.
    Is this accurate?

    Also...... I continue to see no consistent, reliable tests on the JHPs for the 9mm MAK round....... The fact is, they have proven to not expand so well.

    I personally would want a bullet that expands for self defense.

    Too much chance of over penetration.

    There are now JHP 380's that perform much better than the 9mm Mak round JHPs

    The CZ82 is an awesome accurate pistol........great for the range and plinking..... but its not for me because of the round

    To me, if these 2 pistols were the only choices...... I would go with the PF9. My friend has one and loves it (I havent shot it though)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ak74 View Post
    Hey guys I'm looking at getting one of these choices for concealed carry and can't decide between the two.
    I like that the pf9 uses the more potent 9x19 and gives me 7+1 vs the p64 with 6+1 but dont think that one round advantage is a huge deal for CC. from research it seems that the p64 may be the more reliable pistol.
    I guess my biggest concerns are reliability and recoil/muzzle do you guys have any advice or experience with either of these pistols? Thanks.
    I have two of the little polish gems and a larger bulgarian Makarov.
    They are extremely well made and solid pistols.
    Quite accurate for a surplus military gun.

    Since the P64s are heavier and a bit less powerful than the Kel-tec I can imagine that the PF-9 might recoil more sharply.

    I bought two so that if one breaks I have a spare , and I also can share ammo with my Bulgy Mak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dean1818 View Post
    Is this accurate?
    Here is a review I did of ours the first time out. New Kel Tec PF 9, Happy so far.

    For what it is and what it is designed for, the gun is accurate in my view.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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