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Is this gun too light

This is a discussion on Is this gun too light within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by laski So the general consensus is that I should get something with some heft behind it. Well, everyone is different. Fitting your ...

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Thread: Is this gun too light

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    Quote Originally Posted by laski
    So the general consensus is that I should get something with some heft behind it.
    Well, everyone is different. Fitting your hand is one-third of the battle. Fitting your carry/draw/shooting style is another third. And, reliability, concealability, price and a few other minor factors are probably the remaining third. You can't perforate what you can't hit. You can't use what you don't or won't carry. You can't win/survive if you don't become competent and effective with the gun ... and that's influenced by a number of factors. It might take a few shots at a few different guns, but what suits you will feel right.

    Me, I prefer a bit of size but relatively light weight. Browning BDM 9mm @ 31oz unloaded; CZ P01 @ 28oz; then a backup gun (BUG) at about half that number and one-third the size. Compare to full- or mid-size 1911 style autos @ 36oz+, with heavy ammo and all of the attendant concealability impacts. Same pattern applied to when I shot a few .44mag runs. Invariably, it was the larger but lighter variety that felt best to me. Go figure.

    Of course, you're talking about .44mag, .454 Casull or .480 Ruger. At that level, a bit more heft can definitely help tame the kick. Same issues apply regarding impact on ability to hit the target, accurate hit with follow-on shots, etc. Particularly important with game that can eat or trample you.
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    This gun will not be for CC, For that I prefer my Kimber CDP compact with a Colt pocketsize as a BUG. This is strictly for shooting at home and carrying in the woods. I do not flinch (to the best of my knowledge) and recoil can be gotten used to with anything I have shot. Although I have not had any time with a big bore pistol. I am just looking for some feed back on how these high power hand canons siz up to each other and in the hands of a 160 lb guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedz
    I think the 44special loads would be cool in it. I'd shoot full power loads personally but I have some sort of sickness for recoil. I've never shot a gun that kicks too hard. Yea I know - Im weird.
    Not weird at all....
    I suffer from the same affliction.... I also believe that in an actual shooting recoil would never be felt, however control may be a factor... whenever firing a a kicker, the mantra is "squeeze the grips untill they drip..."
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