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I'd really like some unemotional info on Taurus 651 and 851

This is a discussion on I'd really like some unemotional info on Taurus 651 and 851 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I tried to get my dog to reply, but he just sits there and smiles. Sorry, I guess I can't come up with an unemotional ...

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Thread: I'd really like some unemotional info on Taurus 651 and 851

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    I tried to get my dog to reply, but he just sits there and smiles. Sorry, I guess I can't come up with an unemotional response. :)
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    Read this post, they are drinking pitchers of Bull-aid over there.

    Taurus "GOOD" customer service
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    I have had good luck with 10 Taurus hand guns. One of them did have a problem but the repair service was successful and quick. I also broke one but it was my fault. That one was repaired quickly and for free, except shipping there. I have herd and seen others that did not have the good luck I have had. These days when it is so hard to buy things made here in th USA I have decided I am not buying Guns that are not made here by American Company's. I still have 2 Taurus Handguns and 1 Glock but, I have had them a while and I'll keep them. All recent purchases have been Ruger or Smith. They are not without their occasional problem but, after working in Gun Shops for over 10 years I have sent all makes back for repair. I mean ALL makes.

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    I recently bought the exposed hammer version blued. Out of the box had no issues with it and it is a resonably priced for what you get. My friend however also bought the same gun that day and he has had nothing but issues with it. The cylinder release seemed to not want to go back all the way so it was making the hammer catch and you would either be unable to fire the gun or it would get almost to hard to finish the pull of the trigger. We took it apart and cleaned it and that didnt change a thing. The customer support was horrible. The money you save buying the gun isnt skimped on engineering but more so the cheep labor they use to support their products. I felt as if they where annoyed I had called for help? I found their support staff to be short and almost rude on the phone. They told us that they wouldnt send him a shipping box to send the NEW gun back in because we live in MA. They dont sell Taurus's in MA......even thought he bought it brand new in MA and now they wont fix a gun that he haven't fired once? It was a complete joke they wanted him to spend the 40 dollers to over night it to them and would not reimburse him. Kel-tec also located in Florida and their customer support took back my p3at when I shoot way to many steel cased ammo from it. Glock another brand you cant get new in MA took back my friends new 30sf. I like my taurus it goes bang and it isnt bad at all to shoot. But I dont think I would buy another one.

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    That pretty well sums up the feedback I've been getting. Seems like one guy will fire many hundreds of rounds with no problems at all. The next guy, with the exact same gun, has nothing but trouble and worse, cannot get satisfaction from Taurus.

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    OK, a biased report on Taurus handguns---I used to be in the firearms industry for many many years---both retail and wholesale---way back then, Taurus guns were crap, except maybe their Beretta 92 clone---the gun magazines always said their QC was vastly improved---well it had to be---they were dogs! I would prefer to pay a little more for a pistol I know I could trust. They must be better today, but they sure left a bad taste in my mouth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gryphon View Post
    yeah, I feel it was an easy way to resolve the question. Not saying anything bad about Taurus but, for the $80 difference there was no reason not to go with the Smith.
    This pretty much sums up my opinion on every Taurus I've looked at recently. Its usually not that much more to step up a notch and get something a bit nicer.

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    Have a ~20+ year old Taurus 85CH. (P/+P) with an exposed and bobbed hammer.

    Great gun, has never failed. Good lock-up and accurate. Also have their 9 shot .22LR that has had thousands and thousands of rounds through it. Has been a great gun!
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    Don't know if this is emotional or not but I've seen other folk's Taurus revolvers over the years and have observed nothing that would induce me to own one. My brother-in-law used to buy Taurus revolvers rather than similar Smith & Wesson Models in order to save money. They all felt rough as a cob to cycle and each and every one of them came to grief in some fashion. Even recently and years after he capitulated to Smith & Wesson he bought a neato looking little stainless steel Taurus .44 Special revolver to try out for a concealed carry companion. Pulling the trigger double-action we found that it would frequently hang in mid-stroke. Seemed to be connected with a bent hand. He straightened it himself but it soon began doing it again. He said: "That's it for me. I'm done with Taurus."

    Another friend has a .357 Magnum, one of the medium frame 6-inch revolvers. Don't know which model. I don't keep up with Taurus model numbers. About a year ago it suddenly became a DAO revolver and the single action sear would no longer hold. I looked inside to find that the hammer's single action sear was gone, sheared off. He says it wasn't dropped or abused in any way.
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    You can go down and buy a brand new s&w and get a great one OR get a turd. Just like most companies to day. When I see a s&w cs revolver come out with the barrel twisted . It does make me wonder. Fact of live today.

    I have owned a taurus 85SS for 26years, I carried it for 22 of those. It has the finist trigger pull of any revlover I have ever tried. I did poilish all the moveing parts decades ago and lubed the trigger parts with a graphite lub I use on motorcycle cables. Also It has had a wolff lighter hammer spring in it for some time so my youngest daughter can enjoy it now. Pull is 3lb da and 2 1/4 lb sa pull. never falled to shot well every time. I would never trade this pistol for a brand new s&w custom shop revolver .

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