Any knowledge on these two snubbies?

Any knowledge on these two snubbies?

This is a discussion on Any knowledge on these two snubbies? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wondering if anyone here has experience or knowledge of these two snubbies. First one is an Armscor M206. The second is a Firestorm .38 from ...

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    Any knowledge on these two snubbies?

    Wondering if anyone here has experience or knowledge of these two snubbies. First one is an Armscor M206. The second is a Firestorm .38 from Bersa. Both are six shots and look identical. Both are relatively inexpensive. The Armscor is about $100 cheaper what I've seen online. I'm wondering how reliable they are. Also do you guys think there is even a place for six shots in a snub or would five be a more practical choice? I don't necessarily want one for CC mainly I just have always wanted a snub nose. If I had one I might try and CC it once in awhile. Thanks.

    Armscor - M206 RIA detail specifications
    Firestorm .38 Revolver Series

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    For the price of the firestorm 38 I can buy a new charter arms and taurus cheaper or a ruger/s&w unsed for less money. Even at a 100 bucks less for the amsor some used know firearms can be picked up at that price around here. With the 6 shot cylinders they are not thin and not light weight at 24 and 25oz.

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    If you want a snubnose just because you want a snubnose, get a used S&W 36 or something similar. Even new S&W airweights have come way down in price. I say this because you'll be happier with the real thing that you can be proud of for a lifetime.

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    you'd be much better off looking at a a S&W 60 or a Ruger SP101 for the price
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    Do yourself a favor and try out the ruger LCR before you buy anything else. The trigger in the LCR will make you think twice about buying anything else. The hogue grips do a great job if absorbing the famous snubbie recoil. Good luck in your search!

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    The Firestorm is made by Armscor, so both = Philippines; FIRESTORM FSR .38 SPECIAL

    Check out buds guns, you would be much better served by one of these.

    S&W M642 38 1 7/8 No Lock Stainless $361.00 SHIPS FREE

    Ruger LCR 5 Shot 38 Spl $398.00 SHIPS FREE

    I don't like Taurus but they have them and Charter Arms even cheaper.
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    You can get a Ruger LCR 38 from CDNN for $350. Just got their catalog yesterday!
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    I have to agree with the above sentiments. Bersa is a solid company, no doubt about it, but you'd be better off buying a S&W or Ruger.
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    Well, I took my NIB Firestorm 38 special to the range today and shot it for the first time. All I can say is…..very average at best. First off the cylinder release is kind of sticky. It works but you kind of have to gently force it closed sometimes. Another matter was I had the cylinder over rotate on 2 separate occasions during my double action trigger pull to the point that the firing pin didn’t make contact with the bullet primer. In other words, no bang. I shot about 60 rounds through the gun. The gun also shoots a little to the left. After offsetting and using Kentucky windage I was pretty much on target. For the most part it works and went bang, but until I shoot it some more and find out how reliably it holds up, this gun will be a trail gun or a glove box gun. I will stick with my Taurus 327 federal mag as my CCW. My 327 fed shoots flawlessly after many hundreds of rounds.
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