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New CCW needs advice 1911's / .45's etc.

This is a discussion on New CCW needs advice 1911's / .45's etc. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by glockman10mm OP my reference to deep sea fishing and Paras was a kind of joke, that they make better sinkers for fishing ...

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Thread: New CCW needs advice 1911's / .45's etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    OP my reference to deep sea fishing and Paras was a kind of joke, that they make better sinkers for fishing than carry guns. But then again..., I was kinda serious.

    Oh haha, I got you now. Thanks to everyone for their responses. I'm going to carry my 40c M&P for awhile, but I really am itching for a 1911, although when I do go that route, i'll head up to the commander or higher route.

    Thanks again for input and continue to give it if anyone has more advice!


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    I'll be brief...
    1. Really think about the recoil of .45 acp in a small gun; if you're larger, handle recoil well, etc., great but it's quite a bit and too many go to a .45 because it definitely has it's allure only to move out of it becasue if they're honest with themselvesthey can't shoot it for nothing unless it's in a full size service gun platform. Shoot some .45 and then some more. Having said that, it's a great round if you can shoot it well.
    2. Some guy's can carry a full size 1911 as a pocket piece, other's do that and then have another full size gun as a BUG, but the majority of us won't consistently carry a full size all steel gun loaded with .45. it's heavy. Yes a good holster and true gun belt helps a lot but it doesn't change the weight of that rig. I've carried a commander 1911 a lot and I'm only 5' 7" and weight 160. it's a lot. EVERYTHING about CCW is a compromise and balance. It can be better to go a bit smaller and lighter to facilitate comfortable carry. You'll hear the old statement "I carry for comfort, not to be comfortable" or something like that. Well again there are a few that believe and practice that and carry full size rigs but the truth is many of them are really larger guys, larger frames, taller, etc. So your size has a lot to do with how well you handle the rig day in and day out. How wide you are front to back () has a lot to do with how well you can conceal the grip.
    3. No matter what you start out with you'll buy more guns and holsters and belts until you find an "optimized" rig. For me it's a pair of Kahrs, both 9mm, one all polymer. It's a P9 and it's my working, sweating, hiking, CCW. the other is an identical K9 that is my EDC. No external safetys, no mag disconnects, no light single action triggers, very thin and concealable, "okay" round count for Civilian CCW. Same manual of arms (basically) as my revolvers. They're all point, pull the trigger and shoot. 9mm because it's effective, cost effective, and most importantly, I can shoot it very very well.

    If you're going to go with a 1911 I'd recommend the officer's size to get the shorter grip. It does make a BIGdifference in concealing the gun and the weight difference may only seem like a little but an ounce or two or an inch or so makes a BIG difference in how it feels on your body. You'll hear how unreliable shorter 1911's are. That's true but it's not a rule. You may need to send one back home to get it running right but you might have to do that with any gun you buy.

    Two ways to go on a 1911, get a true "high value" low cost entry model; I recommend a Rock Island Armory model or get a high end quality piece with everything you think you'll want. it's more expensive to add anything to a 1911 than to get it the way you want it.

    Ooookay. Good luck and enjoy the journey of figuring out what really works for you.
    God Bless

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    blueman -

    i carry the para slim hawg. depending on the size of your hand, the para warthog may be too fat of a grip, as it was for me. when i was considering glock 45's, i tried the g30 and g36. the single stack 6-round g36 was significantly more comfortable than the g30.

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    Blueman, I carry a 3in 1911, Kimber ultra cdp and I find it to be everything I want in a ccw. Reliable, comfortable, controllable, concealable. I also got it new for about 900, so it was a solid deal.

    It's not really one of those guns I would call fun to shoot (if there is such as thing!), in fact it will probably expose every little problem you have with your fundamentals until you learn to deal with the nature of controlling it. I know it did for me. I shoot it really well for the first 50 rounds or so, but then I start getting tired, the trigger squeeze goes out the window, I start anticipating the recoil, and I get worse and worse. That being said, I didn't buy it cause I wanted another gun that's fun for an afternoon at the range. =) Although, it is actually pretty fun to shoot. lol
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    My main EDC guns are both single stack 1911's, a Citadel w/a 3.5" barrel and an American Classic Commander w/ a 4 1/4" barrel. Both have been very reliable. The Officer's size gun's recoil is little snappy compared to the Commander. I'm happy w/ both and feel very comfortable w/ them. One of the reasons I went the route of the 1911 was becaue of the single stack magazine; these guns carry a lot more comfortably for me than does a double stack gun. Just me, but I carrying a double stack 1911 seems to negate one of it's best traits. Yes, an all steel 1911 weighs considerably more than a polymer gun, but I haven't found it to be a big problem, but instead a reminder of what's on your hip. Nevertheless, I'd like to add a lightweight 1911 to my collection someday.

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    I have and carry 3 different .45s. I have the SA Loaded Combat 5" 1911, the G21 and the Taurus PT145 Pro. They all have their pros and cons.

    1911; -heavy, -limited to 8+1, +reliable, +single action trigger, +external safeties (thumb and grip)

    G21; -width, -no external safety, +weight, +capacity 13+1, +reliablility

    PT145; -width, +weight, +/-capacity depending on which gun you are comparing it is 10+1, +reliability over 2K rounds, no errors, +concealability, conceals as well or better than a J frame, +comfort, very comfortable to carry all day, +external thumb safety.

    I love them all, but if I could only carry one, it would be the Taurus. If I could only have one for the night stand, it would be the G21. If I could only have one for target shooting, it would be the 1911.
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    I'm carrying a WW-II Remington Rand 1911-A1 because it is one of many things I have had for many decades. Flew with it in Desert Storm, Deny Flight, Northern Watch and Allied Force. Even used it at Camp Perry in the National Matches Course of Fire! It's capable of swallowing any head stamp that says .45ACP. Nothing additional to purchase, no additional equipment costs. Carry what you own, liked it enough to buy it?
    Any by the way there is some very good opinouns here.
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    I carry a beretta 92fs and sometimes a ruger p90 in a bulky paddle. Harder to conceal than a 1911. I am 6'3", 210. Easy to conceal, untucked button down. Can print, but I don't care. Sheeple probably think its the latest iphone. I have a full size 1911 that I may carry one day. Absolutely not worried about it.

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    There have been a couple of posters on here that have mentioned options other than what you specified...and I think that they had some great suggestions.

    I would pass on the Warthog for carry. I won't suggest that you keep it in your tacklebox...but it's a double stack. A .45ACP double stack is less than ideal for carry due to the thickness. One of the 1911's attributes that makes it a good choice as a carry pistol is the relatively thin profile. A set of calipers tell me that it should conceal no better than my double stack H&K's...but I find that the round-butt commander that I own fits into my IWB holster very well and disappears quickly and comfortably in comparison to a double-stack with a similar sized frame.

    Once you've gotten that thin frame size, I think that you'll find that the key dimension for concealability in a 1911 is grip length. You can probably conceal a CCO (commander length slide and barrel on an officer's size frame) just as easily as an officer's size. Even if everyone here that warns you off the officer's size 1911's for reliability reasons is full of hooey (I don't claim to know either way since I don't own a 3" 1911), the commander length slide offers definite advantages in terms of controlling the recoil and sight radius - for a very small weight penalty. Colt, Sig-Sauer, and Dan Wesson all make CCO's.

    Another option (one that I quite like) is to get a model with a rounded/bobbed mainspring housing. These models are marketed as "bobtail", "round butt", or "fastback". I've found that they fit my hand quite well, conceal well, are very comfortable, and allow me to manage recoil more effectively than a CCO. Kimber, Dan Wesson, Sig-Sauer, and Smith & Wesson all make production guns of this sort.

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    I carry either a Colt Defender or a Para Ord P12 every day in the Florida climate.
    I am on my way out the door wearing a Bear Creek Holsters IWB and the Defender right now.
    Silk shirt, shorts and a Orion Leather belt.
    During the week it's black Levi jeans and an XL tee, same belt.
    When I carry OWB, I have 2 of the same model Clament Custom Leather holsters,
    one for each gun
    I'm 6'0" @ 200lbs and OWB or IWB, they don't print.
    Both the Colt <3"> & the para <3.5">have been 100% reliable for me.
    Just keep em clean & lubed, but that advice is universal to any firearm.
    There is no firearm that fits my hand, and points more instinctively to me than a 1911 <any size>
    I do agree with wsquared's in the above post that the Colt is easier to conceal than the Para, but they both "carry the same" to me. The Para just has more beef in the grip girth.
    I bought a SP XDS in .45 and to me it did not feel right, even after I stuck a Pearce floorplate on it.
    Sold it.
    Heres what I'm wearing right now, hope you find my info helpful.

    New CCW needs advice 1911's / .45's etc.-img_0212.jpg
    New CCW needs advice 1911's / .45's etc.-img_0213.jpg

    You can click the images for a bigger pic, then glick again for Super-Size.

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    Thread's from 2011

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