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Handgun for a grizzly?

This is a discussion on Handgun for a grizzly? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Guantes I prefer either hard cast or FPJ to SJSP for bears, we have both kinds (black & griz). Makes mucho sense ...

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Thread: Handgun for a grizzly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    I prefer either hard cast or FPJ to SJSP for bears, we have both kinds (black & griz).
    Makes mucho sense, I load what was available to me the last time that I bought .44mag ammo, hence the softer round...and...since the recoil is painful enough that I won't shoot the darn thing unless it's an emergency, I'll most likely have these rounds for a long time...
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    I have shot one bear in my life, a 200 pound black bear. Shot him through the shoulders with a 200 grain nosler partition redlined hand load out of a 30/06 at about 35 yards.

    He went down at the shot the got back up and was moving when I hit him again! Went down for keeps that time.

    If I was really worried about a grizzly or brown bear I would carry a .30 cal. rifle at the minimum and would more than likley carry my .375 H&H.

    I know bears have been killed with the .22 lr. round and a grizzly or brown in Alaska this year with a .45 acp and one was killed in defence near yellowstone park last year with a .41 magnum.

    I have killed around 30 thin skined whitetails & know even with a well placed shot sometimes they can go a long ways, yeah most of the time they will drop at the shot but sometimes for what ever reason they will not!
    I just hate to think what a pissed off 700 lb. bear might do when my "magnum" handgun rounds dident do anything but piss him off some more!

    Im afraid by the time the bear died of his wounds I would be hunting in the "happy hunting grounds".

    After saying all that I'm sure I'll bring home some giant magnum handgun someday soon & when my wife asks "why do we need that"? I will say

    "For protection from grizzlys".

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    Capt Smith knows his irons. No handgun is reliable. Ever see a bear run? I sure have. Been charged by a black bear sow. Had a 300 slung. Even in my hands, I would never have hit that bear. Not stopped it, unless by pure luck. She turned, and I shook for 1/2 hour. That's a black, not a griz. They run fast, faster than any horse, and the body rolls as it runs. The skull is perfectly shaped to deflect bullets. It is a shotgun world. A big handgun may make you feel better, but that's about it. A shotgun is the only way to go in bear country. Some folks like slugs, and if they choose, that's fine. I prefer and insist on shot. Even a trap load. Slugs will hurt a bear awfully bad, make no mistake (if you hit it). But shot in the face will blind it and take away the sense of smell. Right now. Takes less precision, too. I was a hunting guide in Montana for 11 years. What I tell you now is what the outfitter that I worked for taught me. He is 73, still guiding, and knows his business. A guy can do what he wants, but to this day I would throw rocks at any handgun to get a shotgun in bear country. A handgun can kill it, but probably not immediately. The bear may bleed out an hour later, but you don't really care anymore. I only offer my opinion, but that opinion is backed up by 16 years hunting in western Montana, guiding for and learning from one of the most knowledgeable hunters in the state. Be plumb honest, I would take a can of bear spray over a handgun. More reliable and lighter to pack. Best of luck to you, whatever you do.
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    Handgun for a grizzly?
    A. Listen to Multistage.
    B. Desert Eagle 50AE?
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    Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 Mag for Black Bears or Grizzlies... but a S&W .500 Mag is better...
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    If your going into grizzly country you need 2 things. Handgun in a minimum caliber of .4 Mag, and a companion you can outrun!
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    Thanks for all the input! I watched a documentary where a forester was dedicated to protecting grizzlies. On camera, he had to kill a charging grizzly. And, yes, it was a shotgun with slugs. Dropped that sucker midstream.Then we went off and cried. Honest. So, as soon as I learn how to legally cut my Mossberg 590 down to twenty inches and stuff it in my backpack, I'll be hitting the happy trails again...
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    For black bears a handgun is adequate enough. As long as you go .357 mag or better. I know many people that bow hunt for black bears, and many others who use .243s to kill them. Black bears are pansies. They go down as easily, if not easier, than whitetail deer.

    In another thread, there was a video of a guide in Alaska with his clients floating down a river and running into mama with her cubs. She charged the boat immediately, and the guide pulled out his handgun and fired it in front of the bear. The attack was ended, and no one was hurt. Might that be an exception, sure, but the handgun was the tool used.

    A handgun is better than nothing, and everything I've read/heard shows bear mace to be more effective when dealing with grizzlies. So, with that in mind, I would suggest bear mace be carried around for them, and a gun for two legged predators. I'm just glad to be dealing with black bears instead of grizzlies.

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    Just don't forget toilet paper and baby wipes. If ya make it, your gonna need'em.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    While there are no guarantees, this would seem to indicate that at times even large bears can be turned with a handgun.

    Bear Attack Easton Bowhunting TV - YouTube
    WOW! She came out of nowhere. I guess ya gotta figure if the cubs are there, that mama can't be too far. I couldn't imagine the fear of seeing that bear charging like that. Very scary.
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    Sure it's a handgun.

    It has a pistol grip.

    Handgun for a grizzly?-p26093812.jpg
    click image to enlarge.....
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    I don't have any recent experience living in bear-country (I now live in gator-country), but I'd probably go with a 10mm Glock. High power, high cap and lightweight. Shot placement is the key, though. I remember a family trip up to the NWT as a kid and the pamphlets emphasized shooting the neck/shoulder, as their cranium is too thick for head shots.
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    Since you asked about handgun...

    My uncle was a bear hunting guide in Alaska for many years. He mentioned that he carried a .454 Cassull as a last ditch, "Up the nose" option should a bear somehow get close to a group of people with rifles.

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    Handgun??? I love a .44 and Black bear thats cool, but I think for Grizzly I am taking a 454, 460, or 500. Only as a packup bear country I am taking a tactical shotty with slugs as a primary.
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