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On another note, I'm always press-checking & the round is not disturbed...so no setback in that case.
Thank you, too!


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what is press checking?
Press Check do's and don'ts - YouTube

^ Not my video, just one that's often been cited - I think it's a pretty good one.

The author of the video says that it's often done by LEO/Mil, before heading into harm's way.

I'm definitely more of a high-drag/low-speed type , just a regular civvie, but I keep all of my SD/HD handguns in "Condition 1," in holsters inside the quick-access safes, so when I transfer my firearm from my in-safe holster to my body for carry, I press-check, just to make sure.

This is after several class sessions where the instructors smartly asked if I was sure I was ready, and I said "yes," and proceeded to embarrass myself by drawing and attempting to fire a pistol that did not have a round chambered: thus driving home the importance of *always* press-checking.